Navi Mumbai drama

Close to disaster

8:55 PM

Today is one of these days when I have to blog about more than one thing, and I really wish I didn't have what happened happen and never had the need to write this adventure.

Do you remember when a few weeks ago I lost a blanket to a burn incident due to some dumbass throwing something out of their home and how I got to know later it was a welding incident?
Well it turs out I practically don't have a day where I don't find cement splatter, food stuff, paan spitting, paan wrapper and even odd stuff like a chandelier crystal on my terrasse, all happily thrown down by workers in other apartment and possibly a few flat owner as well (who after spending lacks or crores on their apartment find themselves too broke to buy a dustbin I presume).

Well yesterday I was chit chatting with my neighbour from our respective terrasse, and a big lump of concrete fell crashing down on the little roof that protects half of my outdoor space and then just land on the tiles a few feet from where I stood, DH went up to complain, and then an hour later my neighbour and I suddenly heard a small splat and looked down right at her feet and saw a typical red splatter of paan (tobaco chew) that missed us by a few inches. We commented on how it was getting annoying to deal with such crap on daily basis and how no one is even willing to hear our complaints.
Little did I know today would turn out to be much worse. All started in the afternoon with water pouring down showering my terrasse with very very dirty water, I gave up shouting and simply shut my doors assuming it was just water, but when I went out at 5pm my terrasse was covered in brownish pasty powder and my stainless steel clothes drying rack was all oxidized, clearly there was much more than just water that fell, having Ishita playing in the dirt I go straight to work of cleaning the crap away and DH comes back to a not so happy me showing him the blackened rack, he goes up and then to the society office, only to learn that our building is not part of a society yet. meanwhile I clean the whole thing, go inside for just a few minutes afterward to come back out finding Ishita seated in a monster splatter of electric blue paint and putting some in her mouth! I smell the thing and it smells very acrylic and industrial, the type you use to paint metal, I yank her off the spot, try to wipe her off, shout a few very loud and angry obscenities to who ever above can hear, yank my mobile phone out to report to DH hoping he was still at the society office, only to hear he is right behind our door, upon seeing the mess he runs straight up to blast the workers again, only to have them down 5 minutes later to clear the mess with my hysterical shouting at them like a rabid monster and them not even offering a "Sorry", they cleared our mess, and left, leaving me fuming.

The best part? apart from the fact no one ever came down to warn me there would be mess so I could at least plan things? Is that even if we complain, the owner is a known goon, no one wants to mess with him, one of these typical black money nouveau riche with no class just crass.

Ishita could have swallowed some of that toxic paint, could have been sick, but who cares?

I'm so glad to be leaving this place soon, and we are doubly motivated to make our way down to Bangalore sometimes soon to look at apartment and pack our gear out hell


  1. Oh no that just sounds horrible ! I hope you can move to Bangalore soon.
    I might me going to Bangalore myself with in a month or so, but I am not sure yet.

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Oh my God. What a terrible situation to have to deal with. Hope you can get out of there asap!

  3. Thats terrible! I cant beleive Mumbai's so-called decent neighbourhoods can be this bad!

  4. Yes Indeed, this is supposed to be a nice suburb, and look what crap we are putting with, I already hate this city, and the whole apartment building drama is not making me like it any better...ugh!
    And how can thses gated apartment colony be safer than a normal house when you have such goons living in them?

  5. omg, girl! that is so hazardous and disgusting! i hope you, guys, can get out of there fast. you have to remember that, money cannot buy class.

    hugs to you and your family.


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