Festive time

9:04 PM

According to Ishi's advent calendar there really isn't that many days left to Christmas, and as usual I keep wondering where the time flew.
I still have no idea what I will cook on Saturday, but somehow think keeping it simple and do a roast chicken is the best considering that this year it is just DH, Ishi and I.

We are also planning a trip to Bangalore at the end of the month to go look at house and get our plan to shift base back South into gear. I sure will have some bigger entries material from that trip.

On the 18th Ishi got to see Santa for the first time, we were at a friend's place for a Christmas party, and my friend planned a fun evening with food, games and sinc ethere was a number of small children she (yes cool is that?) dressed up as Santa to distribute small gifts to the kids. Ishita's response was fun to watch, she suddenly froze into place upon hearing the bell and "ho ho ho" and kept her distance smiling while the older kids who were familiar with the concept rushed toward Santa, but as soon as a present was handed to her she ran to grab it and got all happy and set right to work to open it like a pro. I wished I had a good picture but Having Ishi near Santa long enough was though, next year maybe...


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