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9:48 PM

I never miss an occasion to praise a good store on my blog, and today my hats goes to the furniture store @Home

Truth be told we visited the Bangalore outlet long time back when it just started, and at the time we weren't too impressed with how it looked, maybe we were looking for something a bit too specific back then, or it has to do with the fact that the show area in Bangalore is slightly confusing and looks crammed, but we never bought anything there.
All changed this past weekend, first we went a couple of weeks back to just have a look, we needed a sofa and possibly a dinning table as our eating in front of TV on a battered totally shapeless futon sofa cum bed was really wearing thin, beside Ishita was starting to think it was ok to cream our coffee table with dahi and dal at every meal, time to teach the girl and ourselves some better manner.
Anyway after looking at several shops we found a sofa and a table we liked and kept it in mind, it is also good to note that the store we went to this time is properly kept and the display is attractive, despite the fact it has less floors than the Bangalore one.
So this Saturday we decide to go again and make our purchase as they were having a special scheme going for Christmas: gift vouchers on purchases above 5k and 0% interest EMIs. After filling a few forms and submitting the papers the shop attendant tells us that once the finance is approved (within 2-3 days) they will be able to deliver on Wednesday December 1st.

Hearing that, I couldn't repress a mental snort, because of all the furniture stores I've ever bought thing in, none I say NONE have been able to keep their delivery promises, and when a coffee table or a shoe rack takes 15 days to be delivered how can a dinning table and chairs and a 3 seater sofa be delivered in 4 days?
Turns out this time I can take my mental snort, my sarcasm and applaud their prompt service, by Monday I had the Finance guy do the address verification, by Tuesday evening the store called DH to g=come and pay the down payment, and by Wednesday 2pm the delivery men were ringing our door bell, promptly unpacked the sofa, and assembled the dinning table and chair all that making a minimal mess, and taking all their boxes and plastic wrappers back with them without us having to even request them to do so. As I said HATS OFF!

True the store might be a bit costly, and some items might not really be worth the price tag, but what we picked was good quality, we never had to call them once to know what the status on our order was, they stuck to their promise, and that's really all I ask and would love to see more from those big retail chains.
And since we got a voucher for 10k we are going back this weekend to get ourselves a better looking coffee table as ours is scratched and suddenly looking very out of place in our now improved living room.


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