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9:30 AM

One of the thing I got to really really appreciate and love in India is how easy it is to have small items of yours fixed, especially small appliances.

In Switzerland when your toaster goes kaput you generally have to bring it to the store you bought it, if it is no longer under warranty they will even laugh at you for bothering in the first place, they will take 3-4 weeks minimum to repair the damage, and charge you the price of a new toaster for it. So much so, that everybody will throw the toaster away and buy a new one, saving them the hassle to pay the price of new for something old and not have to wait a month until they can enjoy toasted bread for breakfast.

In India this is much easier, for all these small appliance that anyway tend to act up after your warranty period expired, you simply go to a local household good store or electrician, explain your problem and they generally ask you to come in a couple of hours, you pay a couple of hundred rupees depending how bad the problem was and realise it is still a tiny fraction of the price of a new one, the repair might not last very very long, but at least you can get it done.
My good old rice cooker I brought from Switzerland when I visited in 2008 (after my mom threatened to throw it away because she considered it useless) got fixed twice here in India, both time it's the thermostat wire that fried due to a surge of power in the outlet, the problem is a pretty simple one really not much to fuss about and certainly not justifying the 3 weeks it would take in Europe to have it fixed due to the lack of small repair businesses who could do it faster.
My Toaster is another one that got fried, in fact it fried so well that when it happened a burst of flame escaped from it and the surge of power made my fuse trip plunging half my apartment in total darkness, but then again it was a fairly simple problem to fix, and here I am still using it, still enjoying crisp warm toast without being forced to shell out big dough on a new one.

Another thing to really like in India are tailors, it's easy to get alteration done, most store offer it for free at the time of purchase and it's ready within the hour (in Switzerland it's free at the time of purchase, but you wait at least a week), or when it's a later alteration due to your gaining or loosing weight or fixing a hole or a hem that ripped, you go to your local tailor, who will at the most take a day to fix your garment.
In Switzerland god forbid you need any alteration on your clothes unless it's designer wear, because I tried it once on a nice top that was slightly tight, all I needed was to have the seam taken out and the sleeves enlarged, and since I didn't have a sewing machine and even if I had I would have screwed the sleeve part easily me not really being good at tailoring I went visiting one. The whole fix cost me more than the top (which was fancy) cost me! Left the place pretty disgusted, so much for encouraging people to not go into a buy, use and trash mode huh?


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