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To trash or not to trash...

11:47 AM

Let's all confess, we all have a pack rat tendency and tend to irrationally hang on to some of our belongings even if we know we will never use it, probably keep it in a box and never think about it until you decide to clear your closets or basement at which point the dilemma of trashing or not trashing comes on the table once more and generally ends up with "let's keep it for now"...only to start all over again during the next big Spring cleaning, or move or sudden urge to organize your life.
When you are a couple you will be inevitably irritated by your sweeter's half idea of sentimental junk which you obviously think is dustbin material, but that to them is worth the world, and vice versa.
DH and I had that question raised just yesterday after I pointed out last week that we should maybe put all his audio cassettes into a couple of big plastic boxes so that when we move out of this place we can simply dunk the plastic boxes in a packing box and just dunk the plastic boxes in question at the deep bottom of a wardrobe in our new place. He agreed on this, and I know offering to store these is better than offering to simply throw them away.
So on Sunday off we go buying plastic boxes, I thought 2 would suffice, but Monday morning I realised that after just dunking about one fifth of the tapes into box number one it was full and I looked at the titles: Metallica, Pink Floyd, a couple of Hindi film soundtracks, knowing there was more of these to be packed. So I again diplomatically raised the topic with DH about how it would be better to just get rid of these for several reasons:

1) In the past 7 years we've been living together, I think we played a cassette only 3-4 times and it was a recent purchase.

2) We have many of these cassettes in CD or even in MP3 if not all

3) I could bet my life on the fact that half these tapes are no longer working fine

4) The only tape player is on our nearly dying stereo system.

But as valid my points are, it seems that the fact it reminds DH of his college days (along with all the course books we keep for the same reason) is a far stronger point. So It seems we are going to end up buying bigger boxes for the tapes after all.
Or maybe I should show a good example and throw away all the shoes I don't wear but keep, the way too small outfits I might never be able to wear with dignity again, or even get rid of my Civilization II CD which I'm pretty sure won't really work too well on Windows 7 as I already had issues with it on Vista.
Yes we all have our precious rubbish and this is maybe why move after move we suddenly find ourselves needing a bigger space.

We are still trying to find the time to go to Bangalore for a couple of days so that we can have a look at houses there, but I know that we are aiming for a place with plenty of storage space as it seems our fight with clutter is a never ending battle. Right now we are trying to organize our clutter again so that moving will be a bit easier, you wouldn't think we've been there barely 5 months by looking at our storage room really. Right now it is in a such a state that it is starting to become life threatening to go just pick up something in the pantry cabinet we put in there.


  1. LMAO! i am laughing so hard about this post. only because, it's so true! DH and i have been together for 12 years now (married 6 yrs). when we left the states for germany (six years ago) - i saw, exactly, the same thing what your post describes. since he and i listens to the same type of music (even before we met), we have duplicates of so many albums/CDs. i still have some unopened boxes of DH's old junk. human nature, we are all so sentimental.

  2. LOL I think we have a few duplicates as well :)

  3. LOL! A. collects more junk than me, that's for sure but maybe it is just different junk... When we moved from the US I had made a huge pile of things to donate. When we got to Paris I found an old film camera in one of our suitcases but did not say much. Recently A. mentioned the camera and said he likes to keep it since it was his parent's gift when he went to the US. I felt bad even wanting to give it away...

  4. Samba I'm like you, when I moved to India I donated tons of my stuff, there are astill afew boxes in my mom's basement though :)
    But in the past 7 years I started accumulating rubbish again, though I'm generally better than DH at letting it go and do regular purges of my closets LOL


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