What do you know!

1:43 PM

It actually can get cold in Mumbai, a thing I didn't quite expected.
last Monday actually started the usual being cool but not cold and we were still sleeping in t-shirt and shorts, roaming around the apartment in the same attire in the morning and by 10am it was hot enough to close the terrasse doors to keep the inside at a good temperature.

All that changed on Friday when I first noticed that the air was getting cooler and actually shivered in my shorts in the morning but then the day was still warm enough to forget about it.
Saturday I woke up really needing my sweat pants, and didn't leave them the whole day, in the evening I even needed socks, a thing I didn't expect to need as long as I was Mumbai bound, I actually remember mourning them while packing in Bangalore, and had to dig in my drawers to find them this weekend.
Sunday morning was really cold and my neighbour announced that at around 6am her thermometer was displaying 19 degrees Celsius, the first time it sank below 20 this week, I was wearing socks, my sweat pants, a long sleeved t-shirt and my favourite shawl, pretty much as I would in Bangalore at that time of the year. and while happily shivering I told DH that it was actually a great weather for samosa, katchore and jalebi, and so he agreed and went to the local chaat shop to get us some, and even though we generally eat these for breakfast almost every weekend, they never tasted so good or felt so warm than in this sudden chill.

This type of winter is totally my thing, not cold enough to freeze, but still pleasantly cool to wear thicker clothes and sweaters and feel like there are some seasons in this corner of the world. In Bangalore my favourite activity in the morning was to slip into my hoodie sweater jacket and drag my cup of tea to the terrasse and watch the morning fog dissipate. And then at night curl on the sofa or in bed in my old soft and warm clothes watching tv or reading a book.
When we were told we would have to shift to Mumbai, the hot Summer was reaching its end in Bangalore and I was looking forward to pleasant cooler days to gradually unfurl over the months, and when we packed our stuff I knew I would kiss all my comfy winter clothes goodbye. In fact the weather in Mumbai has been so hot and humid from September to November end that I never thought of even buying Ishita new winter clothes, now I'm realising she grew tons and that all the ones that were slightly too big last year are now slightly too small this year, and we had to go shopping yesterday, not only because winter has finally come here and is cooler than we would have imagined, but because we are still planning to head down to B'lore toward the end of the month to go flat hunting and she is clearly unequipped for a pleasant winter climate.

All in all, this nice weather we are having right now is making me a bit less cranky, though don't get me wrong, I still don't think there is anything to like about where we live and just can't wait to be back home in Bangalore.


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