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I keep looking in my “feedjit” widget to see who came to visit my blog and there is almost never a day without me seeing at least one person who landed on one particular entry about pregnancy myths and old wives tales I wrote almost 2 years ago via Google search. The entry in particular is this one.

Now I never quite elaborated on the whole gender prediction thing, but I thought it would be funny to now list where I stood where the old wives tales are concerned now that we all know I gave birth to a girl.

I was carrying compact, all in the front and high, you could not tell I was preggo looking at me from behind…according to this piece of information I should have been carrying a BOY.

I craved cheese like mad the whole first trimester, and all through my pregnancy preferred salty bitter food to other things. According to that one I should have had a BOY

I got a fair amount of morning sickness the first trimester, but none after that and I wasn’t so sick as vomiting round the clock and apparently mild to moderate morning sickness means you are having a BOY

At first my “linea nigra” stopped at the belly button, that apparently means you are having a GIRL, but then toward the end of pregnancy I got a second one that started at the belly button all the way up to my chest, apparently that means you are having a BOY

The heartbeat of the baby was always 138 beats per minute, according to popular beliefs a heartbeat below 140 means BOY and above it means girl, but then of course also heard the reverse theory saying that baby girls have a heartbeat count below 140…confusing uh?

I was glowing during the whole pregnancy, apparently it made me beautiful, and that means you are having a BOY because apparently baby girl steal your beauty making you look less good.

I was not overeating, pretty much keeping my food intake normal, apparently that means I was carrying a GIRL because boys make you want to tear the fridge apart.

The online Chinese baby gender predictor said it was a GIRL

My neighbour proudly said I was expecting a GIRL because my tummy looked small (funny how some gender prediction method have two opposite versions huh?).
A friend also told me she thought it was a GIRL because I was glowing and full of energy.

The pendulum ring test just shook back and forth and that apparently means BOY

On an online message board a lady posted something about spotting a V shaped vein under the iris of the left eye to predict girl, but I never saw such a thing in my eye, apparently according to this I was having a BOY

I’ll just let you ponder the matter now :)

But as I said in my original entry, these are fun, especially in a country where you can’t know the gender before birth, and in the end you have 50/50% chances of being right or wrong, and you will always find a couple of predictions that turned up to be right.

Oh and since I focused about the other myths, let me tell you that I never drank milk with saffron (hate milk actually), enjoyed sesame seed biscuits, tea, and couldn’t get enough of mangos, went out after dark, during an eclipse (and I think I even scratched), enjoyed wearing nicely fitting clothes, and my daughter has no birth mark, no flat nose, hasn’t been doomed by the evil eye and complexion wise she is in between DH and I ;-)

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