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Mission Accomplished and Happy New Year

11:57 AM

DH and I headed to Bangalore on December 28th taking the evening flight, our mission was to find a house or apartment so we can move out of our hellish hole in Mumbai.

On the 29th, we started calling all the people from the interesting ads we found online, only to have no reply, being told it was just rented, and one guy told us to come in an hour and that he'll be waiting for us, so off we went, only to reach that place and found that the owner stepped out and didn't even bother to pick up his phone, but one look at the house and we knew somehow it was going to be bad so we simply left, bought the only two classified Newspapers in town that are worthy of your time if you are looking for something: Ad Mag and Free Ad, headed to our favourite coffee shop and started to go through with the good old ritual of circling the relevant ads in the paper.
And interestingly, the same house we were to visit an apartment in a few minutes earlier was listed in both papers each with a different price, which of course were both higher than what the same owner listed on and we agreed even more that the place looked like a rip off.
A few minutes of Mad circling around I found another promising one 3 bedroom Ground floor apartment in a private house for 25k, we give the owner a ring since we were anyway nearby, we go and visit it, the place is gigantic, rooms decently sized although slightly dark, the location is excellent but the owner suddenly tells us it's 30k and that he is willing to negotiate on the deposit only, we shortlist it, but start looking around for more, and among all the ads we circled we call one to fall on a real estate agent which are known as brokers in India. We wanted to avoid passing through a broker because of the brokerage fees but realized that since we had 5 days to find a place it might be a better bet. Turned out that this broker was very useful and showed us tons of houses in a few hours all in the same area. One was a independent house on two levels that we instantly loved, with the only down point being a very crappy kitchen, the price was reasonable at 20k a month, deposit was extremely low too, and broker told us that the owner was desperate to rent it and lowered the rent a lot in the past few weeks. We shortlisted it and kept on visiting more houses, loads of them being beyond crappy and overpriced and all that while I started thinking of that 20k house and the crappy kitchen, I started realizing I forgot to check the space for our washing machine and fridge and other modern day appliances so I asked to go back there at the end of the day only to have my concerns validated, there was no proper space to hook a front load washing machine, the kitchen had no water outlet to spare for our water purifier, no shelf space, no where on the ground floor was there a practical space four our fridge, leave alone the microwave. The broker admitted that this shabby kitchen issue might actually have been the reason why it was still empty though no one told him before why they had an issue, so he let the caretaker know, and we got told that these were fixable issues, so we kept the place in mind. Our broker told us he had more place to show us the next day anyway, including another duplex house going for 30k but easily negotiable for 25, so we headed back to our friend's place to ponder the matter.

On the 30th, all fresh from a night of sleep, we met back with our broker, who got extremely busy calling in all his broker friends to get us an even bigger selection he promised us the night before, so we headed up driving around the very same area, he told us he was quite concerned at not being able to reach the owner of the duplex house he promised to show us, but made up by finding a plethora of other apartments, the first one on the list being the very same one we wanted to see first directly from the owner's ad on sulekha, by then DH and I decided the owner was not worth our time, and the price the broker got as a quote was even higher than all the ads we read about the place, but since we were there anyway, why not have a look? And so we looked, and it was a DUMP, and the owner was asking 30k for that load of crap, far exceeding our planned budget and possible compromise budget, the hall huge, but none of the 3 bedroom was long or wide enough to accommodate even a single bed, leave alone a queen size one, the kitchen was gloomy and let's not even go talk about the freshly done paint job in pastel blue and avocado green, we left and went about visiting some more, at which point our broker got a call from one of his colleague about another duplex house going for 27k, but when we arrived we found out that there was no key, that the owner was out of town and that it was possible to visit only on Monday so we gave it a miss as we had only until Sunday on a non refundable plane ticket. A few more pigeon holes later our broker let us to a small apartment complex facing a main road, in a popular area with loads of markets, hypermarts, supermarkets and whatnot within a short walkable distance. A 3 bedroom apartment for 25k in an area that DH and I though was far pricier than that. The luck had it that the entire apartment had windows and balconies facing the opposite direction from the main road allowing for tranquility, we instantly loved it and sealed the deal, negotiated 8 months deposits instead of 10, and the only issue we have with the place is the pink paint job in every rooms and the dark grey marble floor, but considering it's within walkable distances of everything we need we frankly don't mind one bit, the rooms might be on the smaller size than what we have here in our current apartment as well, but then again we are willing to loose a tid bit of space for that location.

We achieved finding a place we like in just two days, leaving us a few days more to chillax in Bangalore, and rejoice at the fact we will be shifting in February...yay!


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