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My dream home

12:25 PM

Have you eve played that game when you were a kid planning your dream home? I’ve been thinking about that one a lot recently. DH and I still don’t own our own place, real estate prices are just insane in big metros like Bangalore (and it is still nowhere as insane as Mumbai apparently) and while we are nowhere near being able to afford a place on our own, there is nothing bad about dreaming your fantasy place right?

So here goes, my dream home should have a master bedroom as big or bigger than the one we have right now in our flat, with bay windows on one or two walls, a walk in closet and a in suite bathroom big enough to accommodate a bathtub or better yet a Jacuzzi, the house should have at least two levels and the lovely winding staircase we saw in one of the potential homes in Bangalore last month, a real big kitchen were everybody can feel at home grabbing a cup and sitting around a nice cosy table, a comfy living room, great rooms for the kids and occasional stay over guests, a study in the attic where we can curl up in a comfy chair to read a book or surf the internet,wooden floor everywhere, a nice garden with a small pond or waterfall feature, lots of trees and plants around, a sunny porch to soak up the afternoon sun and gather around in the summer nights with friends and be located in an attractive neighbourhood.

Now that type of house does exist in India, if you are a crorepatti and know an architect who can build your dream. The problem is that very few can afford even a basic plot and house in the center of a big city…sigh!


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