Plumbing woes yet again

1:13 PM

One thing that seem to be a near constant in this apartment is how crappy the plumbing is, and I don't think there is a month or week I didn't have to call the plumber for a problem or another.
From bursting butt shower pipes, leaky faucet, dysfunctional flush mechanism, broken pipe inside the wall, too much pressure or not enough, mud coming out of the taps, mud blocking the pipes, stinky drain all happened in the past 6 months.

Right now we have been dealing with water problems in the kitchen since Christmas, there are days when the pressure out of that particular pipe is so high that you could dislodge the thoughest grease on a pan by keeping it a foot or two away from the faucet and others when you just get a drizzle that make washing a water glass taking an exceptionally long time, and of course the water seem to be flowing in technicolor from the purest white to the normal transparent passing by all shades of brown and red possible. What's funny is that whenever we call the plumber these days he keeps saying "everything is fine" and no longer bother to come check unless you harass him, like we had to do on January 3rd when the lack of pressure in the taps made our automatic washing machine stall a couple of time, at what point he deign sending one of his aides to just come to unclog the faucets which apparently didn't take too well to mud.

Just 2 days after we solved the washing machine issue, a volcano of sludge seem to be erupting daily in the master bathroom, apparently each time our maid excuses herself to use the other bathroom (I suspect she pees on the ground and douse the bathroom with water from the noise she makes). After 3 days of me finding goo in my own bathroom I made the connection between the fact that my maid pours a lot of water down the shower drain hole and that it somehow triggers a reflux effect that makes some lingering water splutter out of my shower drain bringing old hair, dirt, and sludge out, so I'll have to call the plumber yet again because my neighbour reported the same issue in her flat last week and apparently it was due to some chokage on the ground floor.
I wonder if they aren't working on that now though, because this morning I took the dog out to see that a portion of the lobby's ceiling had crashed down right in front of the lifts and that there was water and sludge all over while a pipe left visible in the hole was leaking...nothing says "Welcome" better than a destroyed ceiling, pile of rubble and sludgy water in the lobby of a fancy apartment complex I say.
But I really feel sorry for the superintendent and the plumbers, they are working round the clock to fix an issue that shouldn't be there in such a newly built project, I really start to wonder if the engineer who planned the plumbing in that building wasn't drunk when he drafted the whole thing really, because in the end most of the problems we are facing there is due to inadequate pressure coupled with cheap hardware.

I can't wait to shift out of there, and of course once I did I want to just reveal the location of that crazy place I've been living in for 6 months.


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