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The things that went crazy

2:36 PM

Okay so we’ve been living here for 6 months and I’m amazed at the number of things that got broken, dysfunctional, and the people that tried to take (or did) advantage of us. I think I wrote it in the past but I think this apartment sends negative vibes. here is the mighty list:

- Plumbing! I wrote about it, and it’s safe to say that the plumbing in this building (newly constructed and not even fully occupied yet I might add) SUCKS, we got the butt showers pipe breaking countless time, drain clogging a couple of time, once the clog resulted in a 3 inch deep pond all over my terrace (24hours after we moved in). A tap broke inside flooding my bathroom, I got the sludge volcano, the Technicolor water in the kitchen, the no water in the flush or taps, the leaky geiser (water heater) and the taps clogged with mud. In 6 months I think the plumber came to our place about one a week

- Rats! They did make quite a mess for at least 2 months before we finally were rid of them, lots of rat poison and 3 carcasses later that is. Chewed furniture, half eaten fruits and bread in the kitchen, washing machine’s main electronic panel chewed out resulting in us having to wash clothes by hand for over a months while the LG people desperately tried to replace the part but had trouble getting it shipped.

-Mold, mold everywhere! mainly during the monsoon, and because the ventilation has been badly planned, all our untreated wood item (cutting board, spatula and bamboo steamer), cane items (table lamps) and leather shoes started sporting a greenish disgusting look, several wash later we found out that we simply had to wait for the rain to stop to have things dry, but by November there was till a musty smell in the storage room and I found myself washing a lot of blankets, pillows, winter clothes and old luggage to get rid of the stench and unhygienic spores.

-Destroyed belongings! All due to stupidity of others, or total lack of respect. I lost half my dinnerware and glasses to the maids, both coming with lame excuses each time they broke a glass. The last one being last week when my maid rammed directly into one of my expensive glass wine with the sponge while mopping the counter…it was in the way ma’am! I lost one blanket to workers welding iron grills on a window, and a drying rack to acid showers.

-The things that fall! The terrace is a dangerous place, workers and other people living in the building throw their stuff right out of the window not caring where it falls, chandelier crystal, iron rods, screws, washers, nuts, bolts, concrete pieces, paint, acid, cement splatters, dead flowers, plastic wrapper, empty chewable tobacco packets, chapatti bits, dosa bits, vegetable peels, onions, half eaten chillies and empty plastic tea cups…they all fell down several time on my terrace tiles…clearly when you spend lakhs to purchase a flat and more lakhs to completely rebuild the inside, buying a plastic bin for your trash comes out of the budget.

-Appliances gone kaput! Started with the motherboard on our desktop not functioning, then the sound card having glitches, my laptop going beserk and its battery dying, the DVD player that suddenly won’t play half of our DVDs, the rice cooker not cooking, the toaster making the fuse trip while dying in a burst of sparks and fire, and the washing machine being chewed by rats. The survivors are the TV, fridge, and microwave oven…but wait we have a few more weeks left.
We had most of the boo boo fixed, we don’t care much about the DVD player as it is old anyway, and my laptop was too old to bother fixing so we got a new one…but seriously that’s a lot of appliances misbehaving in 6 months, and one could logically argue that if we bought all at the same time they would all die around the same time too, but nope some of them were very recent, the washing machine was still under warranty…thanks goodness as it was the one that would have cost us the most to repair according to the LG technician.

- Jack the rip offs! Namely the milkman, and the newspaper guy, and the pharmacist I visited only once. The milkman periodically try to make us pay certain monthly bills twice, always charge us the full amount whether the month has 30 or 31 days and whether he felt like delivering the milk or not. The Newspaper man charges us delivery fees, and an additional 10 rupees on each magazine delivered (if he doesn’t try to bill it twice). The pharmacist by trying to charge me twice the MRP on prescription tablets. Throw in the electricity board people who drop the bills with the guard on the last day of the “green tariff” to try to push people to have to pay the late payment fee and get more money and the HP gas guy claiming that even though the bill says 348 rupees we have to pay him 350 simply “because everybody does it ma’am”.
Oh and let’s not forget the internet people who when they installed my cable told me that since we had two computers I needed to take a multiple user plan instead of the standard unlimited which of course ended up costing twice the price, then the next months come to collect the amount for the regular plan at which point we found out that the regular plan can support multiple users connected at the same time via router just the same…sweet! The internet connection anyway crapped out as much the month we paid double tariff than when we paid the regular price, now tell me the difference?

Yes all that happened in 6 months, for the record I never even had one tenth of these problems in the 5 years I lived in Bangalore. Even with all the power cuts I endured in the garden city and a thieving maid I don’t come even close to the hassle that it was living here. I will of course reveal my location once I’m no longer living there.


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