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12:48 PM

Now that we know we are moving I am eager to start the whole packing and organizing in order to get out of here, but we won’t move until mid-February, as DH needs to get his salary so we can pay the rent in our new home. That leaves me in stand by mode, making lists, and thinking about the new place, how to organize things there, what to buy, what we can get rid of, what to pack and take along with us, what to pack before the packers and movers come, and how to make the whole thing as quick and painless as possible.
And there is one constant that remains in the equation no matter what the scenario is: Impatience.
I am NOT a patient woman, never have been, whenever something is coming up and need planning I have that compulsive need to start planning right away, be in control and get the work done and out of my way as soon as possible and then only I can relax. But all I seem to be stuck with these days are lists, long lists of things to do before we shift, and I would love to get them ticked off but they can’t be done unless the last day for most of them.
I already cleaned as much as I can clean but know it is vain as it will get all dirty again by the time D-day comes, I keep throwing little insignificant pieces of rubbish feeling a rush and excitement at the idea that it is one more thing that will not bug me when I open my boxes in Bangalore, but then realise that it is just one hell of a tiny thing and that it is just the manifestation of my compulsive need to be on top coupled with too much time to plan things ahead of me.
As it is of now I have one full month before “The big move” the sequel, and while I was groaning and mopping around thinking of the move to Mumbai in July, this one I actually can’t wait to go through, this means going home, this mean being in a place I like, being able to go out again without melting the minute I step out and have far better options than just going to the mall, this actually means I can get to parks, kiddie playgrounds and have fun with Ishita outdoor, that grocery shopping won’t feel like an expedition anymore and that I can see my friends again.
Doesn’t that give me the right to be impatient just this once?


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