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What I will miss

1:50 PM

With the move coming soon, and the fact I’ve been more than vocal about how I hate Mumbai I started thinking about what I would miss here, and I’m afraid the answer would be “Not much” because the two think I got to like here is Danone Vanilla flavoured Dahi and our Master Bedroom.

Our master bedroom is by far the biggest we had so far, and it has these two big windows that let lot of natural light, is big enough to accommodate our bed, our big bookshelf and a drawer unit and there is still plenty of space to roam around without bumping in anything.

And Danone vanilla flavoured dahi (yogurt) because it’s yum, Danone has a manufacturing plant near Pune and I remember reading long time back that they would manufacture and sell locally which is why, this brand isn't available everywhere. I think a friend told me they were planning to have a plant in the Delhi area but I have no idea if it is there or not.
I like flavoured yogurt because it reminds me of Switzerland, before shifting to Mumbai I had only two options from Nestle Milkmaid: Strawberry and Mango.
Danone is also doing these two flavours, but I don’t like them, Nestle does it better, but the vanilla one? YUMM! At 10 rupees a 100g pot that makes it one of my favourite snack, and comes cheaper than the Milkmaid brand. Then a few weeks after I got introduced to that one GO came with their flavoured yogurts too, in a LOT LOT LOT more flavours too but this one I’ll get in Bangalore too, no need to miss it at all.

So there you go, I found two things, yes just TWO that I will miss. Will eating vanilla dahi in bed make me want not to move? Not a chance :) I’m still in impatient mode anticipating my departure from hell back to paradise.


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