Navi Mumbai drama

The big reveal

1:05 PM

As promised, now that I no longer live in my old place I can tell you where it was.
I said Mumbai, but actually Navi Mumbai is more correct, this was actually a separate city at one point, but with Mumbai’s suburbs expanding so much there is telling where the Mumbai' suburbs end and where Navi Mumbai actually begins for a newcomers, so much that now Vashi, Nerul and the other towns in Navi Mumbai are just another suburb. A planned suburb with a structure and to an extent cleaner and better looking than other places in Mumbai. But it is BORING, it’s mostly a succession of apartment buildings, a few shops and market and one big shopping mall (Inorbit). You absolutely need a car to live there, especially if you don’t know how the bus system works or don’t want to be fleeced by auto drivers.
In the matter of public parks there isn’t much, and unless you give in a good apartment society you won’t get much entertainment.
That brings me to the exact location of my apartment there: Seawood Estate aka NRI complex…Phase II. And the phase 2 part is crucial, as it seems that phase one has rules and structure and has a furnished clubhouse and a few odd green spaces. Phase 2 has 3 building blocks, the first two ones are fully occupied and have been apparently handed over to a temporary society committee, ours was the third building and was still CIDCO’s property (CIDCO is a government agency in charge of city development). And as I mentioned in many previous entries things were hell, the building hasn’t yet reached full occupancy and the plumbing is falling apart due to the use of cheap building material, the walls inside the apartments are cracking due to use of substandard wall putty, the clubhouse is not yet furnished or having half of the amenities they are bragging about due to the fact that CIDCO collected the money from owners but didn’t do anything, so unless you play tennis or like to swim there is nothing else, there was a huge grass field in the middle that should become a park, but again at the moment it’s just wild grass with half a foot path built in one corner, no kiddie playground, kids are forced to play on the parking lot and be mindful of the cars going in and out.
And the scariest part is that any apartment going for sale in this society has a price tag of over one crore rupees, so not worth it if you ask me considering that all 3 buildings in phase two are rotting and crumbling away, with a penthouse’s ceiling coming crashing down during the monsoon in one of the two fully occupied buildings. And you can’t even say it is a safe society as the security guards appointed by CIDCO just let anybody come in and out without making them sign any log book or warning the people via the intercom system. There are a lot of cab drivers that used to come in every freaking morning to use the water in our complex for free, leaving monster puddles all over which made it into perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. At one point DH even found 2 odd guys sleeping in our ground floor lobby, my neighbour even questioned then and they said they were CIDCO guards (not in uniform) and literally ran away. CIDCO also decided that it was no big deal if half the hallway lamps were not working, posing a serious security issue, if we wanted ours to work, the electrician bluntly told us to pay for it, CIDCO said it was not their problem. At one point there was a sign down that said all private workers had to vacate by 6pm but no one checked and some one removed the sign meaning that we had to bear with hammering, drilling, and cutting of marble at any time of day and night, not to mention having workers roam the building at will. There’s been al the stuff that fell on my terrace, our parking spot being used by another owner to dump the construction rubbish, my neighbour’s car being all scratched on purpose probably for not being on the right parking space, her personal door light bulb being stolen, the external door latch of my door being locked from someone efficiently locking me INSIDE my own home, the mold everywhere, water seepage inside almost every walls, tiles coming off the terraces…you name it it probably happened in that piece of crap of a building. My only logical conclusion is that it is a government plot to rip off “nouveau riche” people, though of course a significant amount of flat owner in this society might actually have one or possibly two feet dipping in black money. In our building there was a guy (they guy who’s worker’s poured acid and paint on my terrace) who was known by all the guards to be a badass goon, complete with two guns strapped to his belt, who probably spent another crore just redoing the inside of his apartment.

Phase one is as I said better, though apartments are small, but at least there is a sense of unity, with owners not being allowed to just do whatever they want with the external or internal walls unless they got permission.

All in all, happy to be gone indeed.


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Fascinating. We just exerted an Herculean effort to move into NRI Phase II. Probably best to keep our eyes open. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. This society doesn't deserve the hype it gets. watch out for mosquitoes year round too, and during the monsoon keep on living in AC because mold is a problem that reach epic proportion in this very poorly ventilated flats. I still live in Mumbai, and I never had as much problem with mold as I had in that Phase 2 flat in the NRI complex.


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