Creating Chaos out of Order

9:48 PM

The exact date of our big move (the sequel) is finally set, the packers and movers will come storm our place on the 8th, and us the 2 and 4 legged beings will hit the road on the 9th to finally reach Bangalore on the 10th.
I can finally put my war plan to use and between Saturday and Sunday we tackled the massive to do lists I drafted and we have already made a nice dent in it. Today was mostly cleaning though.
I woke up early as usual, squeezed an hour of internet to send a few emails, then tackled the number one task of the day, it being cleaning our oriental carpet out of the dust, dog hair juice and dahi spills that are inevitable when you have a pet and a toddler. So I dragged the thing to the terrace taking advantage of the fact it was Sunday and no workers would be spilling cement, or other more creepy things like acid on my to pour half a bottle of wool mild detergent on the thing, wet it and rub it nicely to get all the biggest stains removed, then rinsed it nicely using the bathroom wiper blade to push the dirty water out of the carpet. I’ve washed the carpet myself quite a couple of times already so I really am starting to master it, though I admit it the next wash has to be a professional one as I simply can’t get it quite as clean as they do, but then I just didn’t want to get that thing all dusty and dirty in my new apartment so I tackled the monster myself.

With the carpet cleaning behind me by 10 and the promise of a nice warm sun to dry it I got inside to munch on a lovely breakfast of Kachore and Jalebi courtesy of DH who drove to our favourite chaat corner to get them fresh and we both started getting the enormous suitcases out of the storage room to fill them with some of our clothes preventing the packers and movers to just pile up everything without logic on the 8th and saving us a headache on the 11th or 12th when we will unpack the thing and will have to figure out which sweater belongs to who and why half of the kurti are so wrinkled they need a wash.
All that while I kept doing loads of laundry after loads getting all the bed sheets that were in the hamper cleaned, did half of the curtains, which were still surprisingly gross according to the colour of the water coming out of the washing machine, the price to pay for living in a very dusty place.
I even remembered to write a couple of weeks back “Empty entry door closet” on my list, and told DH we needed to get that done together and one of us would have to go in the storage compartment to lift the boxes out…my sweeter half being a bit of a chicken when it comes to dark damp, concrete bunker like closet space with wires stapled on the wall let me the honour to jump in (sweet isn’t it?). Now quite obviously the door to that “closet” stand about 4 feet of the ground, and you need to climb on the ledge and jump on the other side because the ground is 4 ft lower there as well. I’m arachnophobe, and I was really praying not to see any big spider, while DH standing in front of the door said “I hope there is no snake that found it’s way in there” I told him considering it was a damp, cold and extremely dark space it was very unlikely I would come face to face with a reptile in there. Fortunately I got all the boxes out, and there was no snake and no spider…wew, I climbed back into the living room realising that we aren’t 20 anymore and that hoping on the door frame 4ft above the ground is not as easy as it would have been a decade ago.

I finally decided to put an end to the craziness by doing the last batch of laundry…clothes at 5.30pm, then reviewing my war plan adding “clean fridge” to it after remembering how gross it smelled after they unpacked it last July when we reached Mumbai, I almost forgot that one but DH spilled milk in it so now the stinking fridge crisis has been averted.

It’s 9.30, my legs are hurting, I have boxes, bags, books and toys everywhere, we have more to do tomorrow, I’m exhausted but happy to get packing and be done with that place.


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