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12:50 PM

I’ve been slowly putting on weight since moving to India despite my making a point of eating healthy home cooked food with plenty of veggies and whole grains. The fact though is that there is very little I’m doing “wrong”, I have an unforgiving body to begin with, I am a PCOS sufferer, which is an hormonal imbalance condition which often goes hand in hand with Insulin resistance, so much so that I need to be very careful about the carb vs protein balance in my diet. I wish somehow I got diagnosed eons ago, but it’s just after my strongly pushing for it in 2007 that I finally got taken care of and put on metformin for it, I even went from 75kg to 70 at one point, but I also admit I have issue with boredom eating, even if my snacks are fruits and nuts, at the end of the day in huge amount they still make my weighting scale tip in the wrong direction, even with moderate exercise.
I’m also not helped much in the sense that Indian cooking, isn’t very Insulin resistant people friendly, ideally my protein intake should come more from lean meat and fish with a generous side dish of steamed or lightly sautéed veggies, and maybe only 1 chapatti or slice of bread on the side. But fish isn’t my thing, and meat is quite costly around here. Leaving me with lentils and paneer as protein sources, the problem is that lentils contain carbs and that if they are on my plate the other elements need to be reduced. Paneer isn’t my favourite and anyway should be eaten in moderation too because of the fat content. Mushrooms are another good protein source, so is soy, but mushrooms aren’t always available, and darn I admit I should cook with soy granules a bit more often.
Since moving back to Bangalore I have made a pact with myself to get back into shape, with little time left to exercise hardcore I want to start cooking less heavy fat loaded Indian cooking and go back to a mix of cuisine: Mediterranean, Steamed Chinese, Continental, and light Indian cuisine. Rice should be mostly off my diet, chapatti in moderation.
The positive is that I am already having healthy eating habits, I’m not much into fried stuff, potato chips and sweets really. So I’m not tempted to go for these.

I was 62kg when I first moved to India, I am now stuck at 75kg, granted that I had a child, and that hormones work differently with age, I think 65kg shouldn’t be a too difficult goal to reach right?


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