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So since I am planning to get fit I decided to take out a book we bought a while back out of the bookshelf. I read it before, but it’s great and always good to refresh your knowledge.
The book is called “30 minutes a day to a healthy heart” it’s a Readers Digest book, and even though it is a UK publication about 90% of the tips in it is totally applicable in India due to the fact they are really easy, simple no brainer tips.
The verdict back then when we bought it was that I was doing a lot of things right, and it still applies.
Diet wise I have great foundations and even eat almost all of the “heart super foods” in the book, exercise wise I could do better though. What’s great about the book is that it helps you understand portion control, it’s not aimed at weight loss as such as the focus is HEALTHY and you get to shrink a few pants size as a bonus.
I thought I would list the heart super foods here, they all fall in there because they are potassium, magnesium and antioxidant rich which protects arteries and reduce LDL cholesterol (bad one):
Almonds, Apples, Avocados, Bananas, Berries (all of them), Broccoli, Carrots, Lean beef, Garlic, Kidney beans (rajma), Walnuts, Oats, Salmon, Spinach, Turkey, Tomatoes, Sweet potatoes and Watermelon.

Now as you can see most of them are easily available in India, though some are pricier than other. I hate spinach but I love methi (fenugreek) which I’m pretty sure have some of the same benefit, salmon and beef are the two toughest to find around here and I don’t eat them, but all…yes ALL of the others are food I eat all the time, in fact my good old Swiss muesli is oats in a bowl with almonds, freshly sliced banana and when in season strawberries all mixed together with curd, that’s 3 of the power foods in one single meal…not bad huh?
The book also mention that 6 cups (or 3 of my monster mug) of tea gives you all the antioxidants you need from it, but I read somewhere else that putting milk in your tea actually negates the benefit as it make the antioxidants less absorbable by the body…a good thing I like my tea black and without sugar I guess.
Cinnamon is also listed in the book, but not really as a heart power food, more like a insulin boosting spice, which is actually recommended when you have insulin resistance, I’ve been using cinnamon in my morning cereals and on some fruits for years, and you would not believe how hard it used to be to find the good powdered version around here, now I get it more easily but a few years back I had a stash I bought in Goa in a local market because nowhere in Bangalore did I find someone selling it.

Exercise wise as I said I can do better, but even then I’m not considered a lost cause at all, I already do as much walking as I can, try to be good and stand and walk or mildly exercise during commercial breaks on TV, take the stairs when possible, so there I’m already in the habit of getting off my butt whenever I can. Maybe I’m in need of a more intense form of exercise now. But you know what it feels actually good reading that I’m already doing a whole bunch for my health, it motivates me to even do better.
Oh by the way that’s one book I really recommend to get one started on being healthy, I swear it doesn’t come in a more simpler package than this one, it was actually good that DH kept getting these stupid “Congratulation you are finalist in the Reader’s Digest great prize lucky draw” . Because thanks to it we got some great reference books, this one just being one of many.


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