The last stretch

9:50 AM

It’s a long car trip, you desperately need to attend nature’s call but can’t because there is a lack of public toilets (or bushes) so you hold it, to the point of utter discomfort, maybe for a couple of hours and then Oh! Miracle relief is in sight, you rush as fast as you can to the bathroom, only to find that all but one toilet is in working order and that there is somebody in it forcing you to wait. And it never fails, that last little bit of waiting is the most agonizing of all, those petty little minutes seems an eternity, 5 minutes of agony that seems about 10-20 a million time worse than the 2-3 hours wait in your car…Sounds familiar? No? Come on we’ve all been there, you know aching to make that home run, the final stretch to deliverance…yes you know what I’m talking about.
I chose the toilet as an example, but there are many other agonizing aching wait to relief, to change, to getting moving.
And right now with or very real very pending move next week I just feel like we all did at least once waiting behind a bathroom door about ready to burst.
It doesn’t matter how bad things were the past 6 months, and how much I hate the place we are currently living in, it seems that right now it’s even worse, though I admit this is how I feel, because in all truth things are occurring pretty much the same as they have so far.
This past week is feeling even more horrible, I guess my patience is reaching its end, and my level of tolerance went down considerably.
DH travelled for 2 days, our internet connection package expired and we are not going to renew it just for a week so we are made to do with the little Reliance data card connection, which is fine, but then each time DH goes on a business trip it is gone with him. Fortunately he is done travelling now as we are going to get busy shifting.
The cement and garbage keeps falling on my terrace, the place is a boring mess, nothing new. Though yesterday was a very bad day for me, we experienced our first lengthy power cut since moving to Mumbai, it started Thursday at 11pm when the light went off for 4 hours, during which we started feeling hot in the bedroom, mosquitoes attacking us, Ishi feeling restless in her sleep, me not finding much sleep between scratching my legs and applying odomos on both of us and comforting Ishita. When the light came back at 3am something I was dead and crashed but Ishi decided to wake up at 6am riding me like a horse, and there I was up with maybe just a total of 4-5 hours of broken sleep, little did I knew things were about to get more annoying…Ishita and I go through our morning routine, breakfast, diaper, play, and TV watching when suddenly at 10.30am BAM the electricity got cut again! No shower, no fan nothing, I got a box of stuff packed, but when Ishi’s nap came she was cranky and didn’t go down easy as the bedroom was already hot. she collapsed of sheer exhaustion at 1.30pm and I cleared a few things away, and finally crashed myself for an hour before the inevitable occurred, Ishi felt too hot, was soaked in sweat and cranky so she woke up, it was almost 4 and there was still no electricity, so I decided to turn on the water pipe so she could get some freshness on the terrace, while could take advantage of cleaning it (yet again!) but about 10 minutes in it the water stopped coming, the power cut made it impossible for the water pump to get the water from the ground tank to the overhead tank which apparently became empty…oh Joy!
The power came back at 5.30pm, turned out it was because a transformer burnt then night before and they needed to fix it. These things happen no big deal, it was just the timing that made it worse for me. To top it the water tank took another 2 hours to refill and I wanted to get some laundry done on Friday and had to do it at night. DH got stuck on the road back from Pune and instead of coming back at 8pm he came back at 11.30. And you would think that after having had a bad night and barely 6 hours of sleep I would have crashed down but I was so keyed up that it actually too time to come, even with a beer in the system

I reached my final stretch, the stretch that makes an insignificantly tiny amount of time make you feel like an eternity, yes I’m behind that bathroom door twisted like a pretzel not to burst and cursing whoever for not being on the other side of the door already…there I said it!


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