Puzzle complete

12:34 PM

Have you ever bought a 5000 pieces jigsaw puzzle and being exited to start with it, set the dinning table to accommodate it, only to open the box and say “Wow that’s a lot of pieces!” and then wonder where to exactly begin and feeling like it will never all come together and reveal the pretty picture on the lid of the box?
If you are a jigsaw puzzle fan, you have been to that place for sure. And it seems that unpacking in a new place is just like a 5000 (or possibly bigger) pieces jigsaw puzzle, at first you have tons of odds and end that you are wondering what to do with, you then tackle the big furniture and shelves the way you would sort the border pieces from the middle pieces in a jigsaw, and then slowly but surely things come to together, one tea cup, one book at a time, the mess disappear, the pile of random items shrink and before you know it you have a cosy pretty place to call home.
DH and I started unpacking on the 11th in the afternoon when the packers and movers finally made it to our place, they helped unpack a lot of things, though it was just to take some of their boxes and rubbish away with them, but throwing our clothes and kitchen stuff just about anywhere without much sense to it all, by 5-6pm they were gone, and the house looked like it’s been hit by a tornado, I was still arranging stuff in my kitchen when they were throwing clothes in the wardrobes and they ended up leaving half of the boxes of books untouched.
On the 12th we continued tackling the mess together and by about 5-6pm I couldn’t believe we were done already, even with my having to assemble Ishita’s bed and coffee table.
In the end the only thing that got slightly damaged was the fridge’s front leg, I replaced it with a steel bowl and we were all set.
The internet guy came on Sunday afternoon to set things up, and the only thing I have to complain about is that he didn’t seem to want to set the wireless router, and with our desktop being broken I would appreciate having my laptop not being tied to a cable, I need to be mobile around the house with a toddler. I tried to set it up this morning, but couldn’t figure it out, and DH is on another business trip already, I’ll try again tonight once my brain all comes together and Ishi is sleeping.
Right now I’m still waiting for the Tata Sky people to set my dish so I can watch some TV, and the building’s handyman said he would drop by today to put fibre glass in front of the balconies railing to prevent Ishi to climb these as well as doing a few odd fixes here and there.

It feels good to be back in Bangalore already.


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