Quick update

8:06 AM

So the packers and movers came on the 8th and efficiently packed our stuff away, we hit the road on the 9th and stopped for the night in Kolhapur, then did the final stretch to Bangalore on the 10th. I wished moving in our new place would have been simpler though, but it seems our landlord who we never met as he doesn’t even live in Bangalore, decided that we aren’t allowed inside the flat until we pay the full deposit amount…CASH.
The issue for us being that we had only a chunk of that amount in cash, and the other in the form of a cheque given to us by the Mumbai landlady with the express instruction not to cash it until the 12th (she even post dated it so we can’t try doing it earlier), New landlord refuse to acknowledge this and that had us waiting in the car while DH tried madly to arrange for the money and in the end strike a deal with the landlord about paying half the amount on the day itself and arranging for the other half on the 11th. The irony is that if this guy will probably not get the amount in full until the 13th since the broker is the one having to deposit the money, and that if he deigned waiting he would have gotten the money from us via bank transfer on the 15th or 16th…his reasoning as explained to DH for being such a jerk is “I can’t trust Indians since I moved back to India so I need the full deposit now”
Never mind we paid half rent in January, are paying full rent in February, that at no point since December 30th did he even contacted us or seemed to worry about our being genuine or honest, or even contacted us or gave his contact info to us to hammer in details, nope he waited the last minute to strand a family who travelled 1000+ kilometre in 2 days with a toddler and a dog!

Anyway I’m typing from my empty new flat, waiting for the packers and movers, I have a few entries in mind, will take time to write them or publish them as I’m not sure how long internet will take, and DH will be travelling with the Reliance data card all next week.


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