12:57 PM

Since we moved in this building I’ve been going almost daily to the kiddie playground with Ishita, our building has a great one set all the way in the back away from traffic and the underground parking entrance and exit to keep the kiddos safe, and it’s also built in a sand pit to cushion possible falls from the swings and monkey bars. Ishi loves it of course, but not as much for the equipment there as she loves being around other kids, especially older more mobile kids, and she seem to have a preference for hanging out with the boys playing cricket, so much so I think we will have to get her a plastic bat to play because she is always after theirs and who cares if the bats are real wooden ones that are taller than she is, my little champ doesn’t seem to think that is a problem. She even manages to run pushing the bat in front of her between the wickets just like the big boys do. She is going to make her Papa’s day with her fixation on cricket gear that’s for sure.
And while the kiddie playground is good for Ishi it’s also great for me, gives me an excuse to be out of the house, and I get to meet all the other moms there and chat, and since it seems our building as a good number of toddlers this mean there are a lot of moms in the same situation as me, and in general the families I’ve seen so far are young and dynamic, which is good because i was dreading a building full of aunties, my old neighbourhood in Bangalore had a few, and I don’t need to face the “auntie inquisition” daily, call me crazy if you want but before we shifted to Mumbai the Auntie brigade was actually making me scared of going out in the afternoon for a walk with Ishita simply because I didn’t want to hear million questions about how I fed her, how she slept, what were her achievements so far only to have my answer being analysed all the time.

Our area has a lot of small parks around, I plan to take Ishita to them later, right now I’m just cooling down from all the stress, and with DH gone all this week I had enough just walking the dog twice a day with Ishi in my arms as there is no other dog walking space than the side of the main, very busy, road. My other goal is to hit the Gym in our building a couple of times a week, one of the mom I met at the kiddie playground has a daughter of Ishita’s age and is keen on going along with me while her full time maid can watch the girls, if all goes well we will start on Monday morning.


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