That seem more real now

1:58 PM

We are going to shift by February 10th at the latest, though the exact date for the packers and movers to come isn’t yet set, but today it suddenly felt a little more real as I had the guy from Agarwal Packers & Movers come to draft the estimate. We already had them shift us from Bangalore to Mumbai and were very satisfied with them so we know what to expect. I think we will know the amount it will cost us by the end of the day as the guy asked my to write down DH’s email on the form for him, In Bangalore the guy took a lot of time inside my apartment to calculate everything and game me the estimate right away though.
I already packed quite a few boxes of books on my own and a box of kitchen stuff I don’t use much, that way I feel like I’m doing something, plus from all of our shifting experience (This will be relocation number 6 for us in the past 7 years) we know that the unpleasant part is actually the unpacking and finding that a box labelled with something contain a few stray items that should have been in another, and that if you let these people pack all the books together, you end up spending hours sorting out the books that belong to the bookshelf and the one that need to go into “forget about them” storage which in our case means all of DH’s college stuff, this time I’m outsmarting the packers and movers by packing the “Forget about it storage” books, though of course I know I will still spend days in our new apartment trying to figure out how to organize things.
I also drafted a much more organized war plan this time, with several different lists all written in a spiral notebook not to loose anything, added a page of phone numbers we will need at the last minute both in Mumbai and in Bangalore, such as the numbers of the milkman and newspaper guy in Mumbai to cancel our subscriptions and the number of our favourite take out restaurant so we can eat a nice lunch on D-day. And phone numbers like the gas cylinder dealer in Bangalore and the Aquaguard service center to hook up our water purifier soon after we arrive.
From the last shift in July we already know that packing our hot plate and a small pan for tea was a good idea, but this time I am adding plates and spoons to list as well, because even if this time we will have a less extended Urban camping experience with us taking the road back to B’lore rather than a plane there is still the possibility we might arrive a day before the movers do, and even with a food court 5 minutes away from our new place we might need plates anyway.
We also found out packing our Swiss army knives with us the last time was the best thing to have ever done so we will be doing that again.

Yes we are ready to move, I’m practically counting the days and hours until we leave this place.


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