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9:39 PM

Yes call me crazy if that’s what you really want, I have a few member of my own family that did it in the past, but I do believe in Feng Shui to some extent.
And I had certain success in certain fields improving certain spots in each of my homes.
This time it seems we are a bit stuck financially as mentioned in my previous entry, and I started looking at the South East corner of my apartment which is the wealth area, there wasn’t anything super bad occurring there, apart maybe from a balcony drain, but the area surely could use a boost. To the best of my old memories about how to boost the wealth corner one need to use the colour green, water bodies, green plants with rounded leaves, and coins. I went looking online and all of this was confirmed and one can also add gold fishes or koi, wind chimes made of bamboo or clay to the arsenal of Feng Shui cure for that specific spot.
Inside our apartment the TV sits in that corner, the curtains are turquoise green, so is the oriental carpet, a candle was sitting on top of the TV and that was it. So much so I suggested DH over the phone last week that once he comes back we could start shopping for some greenery to energize our balcony a little, and that is exactly what we did. Last Sunday we purchased a nice leafy and very green ficus which is now happy on our balcony, and just over the 2-3 past day it seems the financial crisis is starting to ease a little, partial payments are coming in, some hope about him getting his total past salaries soon is slowly budding, and we now have at least enough in the bank to carry us until his other personal funds get unlocked in 1-2 months, nothing major but enough to ease our stress a tiny bit.
I told DH about how the plant we put there was a good idea and he agreed, he even suggested we started doing that corner up a little more in the coming days.

Oh and yes I know the Indian version of Feng Shui is called Vaastu but I don’t know enough about it. Feng Shui feels more comfy to me.


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