Boys can’t have dolls

8:51 AM

The other day I was coming back from the supermarket and the lift was out of service so we took the stairs, and Ishi stopped at the first floor where there was a wide open door to march in. Turned out it was the home of one of her playground mate and I got invited in as well.
Of course Ishita found herself in toy heaven with a lot of toy cars, Thomas the train toys and plastic animals and started playing nicely with her friend.
The mom and I went into the usual chit chatting and at one point said that Ishita loved all things on wheel and loved playing with hot wheels cars. The mother of the boy then said “And my son is begging for a Barbie doll, I can’t let him have that! It’s not for boys”.
I didn’t say a thing because I don’t think she would have taken nicely to my opinion since she already decided boys can’t play with dolls. But personally if I had a son who wanted a doll, I would let him have one, knowing of course I would become the odd mom doing so.
This is a world wide phenomenon, the feminists fought the equality of genders and are still doing so, but then that means giving GIRLS the right to do all that boys can, and not the other way round. So it has become totally acceptable to have a little girl play with a laser gun (as long as it’s pink), or have a remote controlled car, or a plastic dinosaur, but heavens forbid that a boy play with a doll unless it’s an evil mutant figurine or something coming straight out of Ben 10. Some fight for gender equality that is!
Maybe it is time for feminist around the world to realise that gender equality is a 2 way street and that if a girl can have a collection of hot wheels cars, then a boy should be allowed to have a Barbie Fairy Princess doll if he wants to. That it won’t traumatise a boy if he drinks from a pink sippy cup or sleep on pink bed sheets.
To me it seems that the root of gender inequalities in the professional world start before school even started. What a message to tell our little girl that they can be whatever they want to be and boys that they can’t play house and tea party because they are girly and likely to turn them to mushy softy men. Men are still to be strong, assertive and born leaders and nothing else will do…do you see the injustice? Because I certainly do! maybe it is time to have a World Men’s day, after all if women can have feminism men should have masculinism to get even…and try to type masculinism in a Microsoft text editing program while we are at it, and you are going to have your word underlined in red announcing you it has been misspelled…right click on it and the only suggestion you will have to make it “right” is “Masculinise”. Nope no movement for men, just the option of being even more of a man than they are…sigh!

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  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    You are right it is a world wide phenomenon. My (British/French/American) friends who have boys just refuse to buy them dolls or any toy that has pink in it. I feel it is the fathers more than the mothers who object.


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