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Food indulgence weekend

1:27 PM

DH was back home this weekend so we decided to go out on Friday night after really being in mood for some Chinese food. Our favourite place has been Mainland China since we first discovered in in Chennai in 2004 and while not all restaurants in the chain are cosy looking we always liked the Indiranagar outlet best and of course that is where we headed last Friday. Myself I can’t get enough of their Dim Sums, I could easily just have these all meal long…and not just Mainland’s Dim Sum…I will take any steam dumplings from any restaurants and in fact often miss the fact that in Switzerland you can buy them in the fresh section in pre-cooked mode to steam yourself at home.
We ordered a dish of sui mai and some spring rolls as a starter and found out they revamped the rolls a little since our last visit, now they look like cute little cigars and the chicken inside is even tastier. We continued the meal with a chicken dish and noodles which Ishita couldn’t get enough of and since I decided to screw healthy eating for the evening ordered the chocolate spring rolls for dessert efficiently stuffing myself to brim but happy to have had a night out.
The next day we met some friends for lunch and headed to Woodstock which is in Domlur, that was the first time I went there, but i already want to go back and try some more of their menu, not a cheap restaurant, but the food is comforting enough for my western palate, we ordered A Quesadilla as a starter, a chicken pot pie for our main course and an apple pie and vanilla ice cream doused in custard cream on a hot sizzler plate. All these are exactly the type of food I would call comfort food, the type to have on a gloomy day, I even mentioned that the Apple pie would be something I could totally enjoy on a rainy afternoon, probably sitting in comfy chair by the window while hearing the rain drops falling. But it also reminded me of winter holidays in the Alps. Americans may claim the apple pie as their own, but this has been a good old baked good Grand Mothers and mothers in Central Europe have been cooking for eons.

I wished I kept good on my promise to eat lighter on Sunday but while I spent half the day sipping green tea and eating fruits I got a hunger pang at 4pm and made myself some ribbon noodles with broccoli and prawns, and finished the meal with an ice cream, then by 9pm DH finished cooking some Chole (chickpea dish) and for the sake of not adding more fat to the balance we at least resisted the urge of making some Puri (fried flat bread) with it, sticking to a little rice.
So much for my intention to loose weight huh?


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