Girls don’t wear shorts!

12:06 PM

I decided to head to Shopper’s Stop this Saturday to take advantage of the sales to get Ishita some clothes, mostly bottoms to be precise. Getting bottoms is a daunting drag in my book, I always hated shopping for jeans and pants for myself, and I have difficulties finding nice stuff for Ishi, it seems like little girl fashion around here fall into two categories: thick denim pants regardless of the season and frilly poofy skirts and dresses, the more frills the better. Inevitably I end up being asked “May I help you” By a shop assistant who inevitably don’t understand my request for SHORTS and keep showing me skirts after skirts and playing deaf to my repeating over and over “No I DON’T want skirts”
Yesterday was no different, first the mothercare brand only had winter sweater, corduroys and jeans, the other brands in the store had the same old thick long jeans and an skirts…sigh! After a lot of digging I found one pair of embroidered denim shorts and strech cotton pink ones, and I had 3 shop assistant trying to sell me frilly skirts and jeans, one lady even try to keep pushing me to buy full length jeans, and simply couldn’t understand my reply “It’s Summer, it’s hot outside, no jeans please”, she kept saying “they are nice, good quality, very resistant, stretchy fabric”…whatever!
Then I headed to Westside because they generally have cute cotton wear for kids, I found two great tops, but no bottom, again I asked around for shorts and the lady started showing me skirts, and when I stopped her right away she said “But skirts are good for little girls”, I won’t disagree, they look cute, Ishita has quite a few in fact, but we are in need of playground proof outfits, and to play in the sand, slide down the slide and climb the monkey bars we definitely need shorts and capris. Most store carry these in bigger sizes, but it seems 20 month old skinny toddler are to be dressed in frilly frocks if they are girls. I tried looking in the boy section but shorts come in boring colour scheme that more or less all implies neon green or yellow stitches and patches that do not go well with a navy blue and white polka dot empire waist top.
Hopefully Once the Shopper’s Stop sale is over Mothercare will store Spring Summer outfits that will show more promise.

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