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3:04 PM

My old Bangalore SIM card got blocked while we were in Mumbai as it was a prepaid account so while DH is still travelling around most of the time he kept his Mumbai post paid number and we reactivated his Bangalore post paid one so I can use it.
What is happening is that DH’s old number is constantly harassed by call center and stupid sms the whole day long, which is funny because while in Mumbai DH had his Bangalore SIM out of the mobile phone a lot and we know it hasn’t been in used for 4 months straight before we re-activated it and put it in my phone last weekend, but yet I get about 20+ text messages a day about, interesting loans, hair loss solution, weight loss solution, free holidays, Nigerian scam lottery texts, real estate texts about plots and luxury apartments for sale in the city or in Mysore, free credit cards offer, caller tunes, and restaurants offers. If it was just the text messages fine, but boy oh boy, these call center people are going strong, and there is absolutely no way to tell them to just get lost already, they keep coming back!
They of course ask for my husband’s name at which point I am already pretty pissed being disturbed at any odd time and nicely tell them “it’s no longer his number” and would you believe that they actually don’t seem to understand that? I had a few saying “ma’am I don’t understand, it is his number” To which I reply a bit more harshly “NOT ANYMORE” and hang up, only to have the same call center call about the same stupid credit card or loan offer the next day at which point I have to explain again that it is NO LONGER HIS NUMBER, and to have another person on the phone pretending not to understand. Of course you have the smart asses, the ones who register the fact it is no longer his number and ask who they are speaking to, at which point I simply say “I’m his wife” and the person to say “So this is his number can I speak to him” and me to say “No you can’t because it is no longer his” on a firm strong voice and tell them to stop calling me once and for all…which of course is useless because they do call you again, and again and again and again and again, no matter what strategy you plan on, they WILL call you back, shouting, threatening to sue, resorting to obscenities, hanging up, not picking up, telling them it is a wrong number…it doesn’t matter.
The worst of it all? I know why they keep calling, I worked briefly in a BPO and I know those in sales are told to not put the unsuccessful call as “not interested” “wrong number” or “no answer” in the call manager software, nope they are told to put it as “call back” and I heard a sales team manager telling his guys the reason why “A person might not be willing to buy one day, or is in a bad mood but that doesn’t mean you should not try again the next day” YES people you heard it right, those call center people are told by their manager to harass people on the phone until they break and place an order.

And apparently being on the national “Do Not Disturb” list is not even working, DH did it late so all the database his was already in keep calling him, and there are still those who manage to buy numbers to send texts anyway.
On my old Bangalore number I put myself on the DND list as soon as I heard from it, and was always very careful not to give my phone number on restaurant survey forms, and contests to avoid having it too public, but then I was called 5 times a day by Vodafone itself via pre-recorded messages, and of course had all the Nigerian scam and Astro-feng-shui-numerology texts and yes a few call centers as well.

These days I’m tempted to let my daughter attend the calls maybe one day they will get tired of hearing “prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt aga yaya prrrrrrrrrrrt” on no end, we can all dream right?


  1. Deepa3:33 PM

    "apparently being on the national “Do Not Disturb” list is not even working, DH did it late so all the database his was already in keep calling him, "
    --This cant be...when you get on the DND list, the list is sent out to all call centers..and they are not supposed to call you. You can complain to your service provider. I got on the DND list and stoped getting these calls. It takes 45 days to come into effect though. If you blv that your DND request did not go through for some reason, try might work this time.


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