Maa…pyari maa

1:44 PM

There is one ad on TV that make me smile every time and this is this one:

Hippo is a brand of snacks that typically fall in the junk food category, and like all munchies also fall in the comfort food one as well. And I love the fact they associated comfort food with the persons that comforted us the most in our life: our mothers.
And the last thing I absolutely love about this ad is that for once it represents minority groups as well: a Punjabi Sikh in the Army, a North East Indian in the hospital, and a stranded gori girl feeling lonely. And might I add that for once you see a western woman in an Indian clip that is not portrayed as slutty or trying to by a good desi girl, nope she is herself and like everybody else in this add longing for a little comfort from home.

Oh and I tried all the flavours of munchies, my favourite is Goan Butter Garlic.


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