My boss won’t let me write

9:22 PM

And my boss is of course my sweet daughter, she is enjoying Bangalore as much as I do and has a busy schedule.
We start our day at 6.30 or so am, with a shot of milk in bed, then she announce me that she is in need of a diaper change by saying “caca” which is French for poo poo and while she is clear about what caca looks like she likes saying it whenever her diaper needs a change, regardless of its content, then I have Jasmine reminding me about her morning walk and Ishita fishing her shoes out of the shoe drawer and throwing them at me. After her walk jazz is pretty much content to lie down in the kitchen waiting for food, but my sweet little angel wants to or supervise breakfast making from the top of a stool, or watch cartoons on TV which she demands by throwing the remotes at me.
Then comes breakfast eating, and discovering fun things like how to put CDs in the DVD player and helping the maid mop the floor, then shower, then nap then lunch, then reading or grocery shopping with mom, then playing with the dog and helping mommy figure out that it’s time to don her PR agent hat and get to the playground already so she can socialize, slide, spin and swing before trying her hand at cricket playing, and before you know it it’s 7pm and time to get ready for dinner and bedtime, but of course not before we read her favourite book 3 times and she got to climb on the dog, because bedtime should never happen before 8.30-9pm in her opinion.
Leaving me not so much internet time to blog freely, and on a day like today it got even tougher, as miss Ishita pulled a daredevilish stunt climbing a stool and crashing down biting her tongue deeply and slightly chipping her tooth which made her gum swell a little too and my sweetie pie very cranky and crying in pain demanding mama’s hug for hours, until I finally got to see the paediatrician at 3pm to reassure us nothing serious happened to the tooth in question and that with a little paracetamol the pain and discomfort would soon be a thing of the past. On the way home we stopped at the mall to get a new fun book for my little princess and she chose a book full of puppies by herself because she loves dogs (and even says the word in French each time she sees one) and back home we head, just in time for her PR routine paying a visit to her new best friend right next door while I got immediately invited for tea.
The eventful day didn’t stop her from crashing down no earlier than 8.30 despite a very short nap…business as usual.

What I can say though is if I was glad to be back I’m now even more, because here I can deal with a Dr emergency while DH is away as I know where to go and that the clinic is just within walking distance as well.


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