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Sick and sleepless

9:19 PM

Ishita managed to get a cold from her new best friend at the kiddie playground and has been miserable all weekend long. Sadly when you co sleep with a sick kiddo you end up going the bug yourself and that is what is happening to me, I started feeling a bit tired on Sunday and put it on the account of my simply not getting enough sleep, but by Monday evening I started having a slight sore throat, the throat didn’t get any better the next day, and today woke up feeling utterly crappy, and feverish. And quite obviously my darling daughter decided to play and jump the whole day despite having a stuffed nose and a little cough still, so much for taking some rest.
Whenever DH is away on a business trip the thing I dread is actually falling sick because that always ends up with me not being able to do the things I need to get well soon and looking like a zombie trying to attend the needs of both my daughter and dog and feeling about only half successful at it, if not completely irritated and frustrated by my terrific duo’s mix of whine and destruction.
Despite my fever I woke up at 6 courtesy of my little princess, and was out with the dog leash in one hand and Ishi in the other arm at 6.45am for our morning pee-pee poo-poo walk. By 11.30 I wasn’t thinking clearly anymore and needed a nap which Ishi decided to boycott so after locking her safely inside the bedroom with me I hid under the cover only to be jumped upon, poked in the nose eye mouth by a giggly toddler who clearly couldn’t get the concept of “Mommy is sick” She finally collapsed for a nap at 1pm woke up at 2.30 and threw a hissy fit when I started cooking lunch. By 5.30pm we were at the kiddie playground again but I swear I was only half present…the funny part is that one lady kept asking me if I was taking medicines to get better and even recommended I see a Dr…for a cold…no way found out that they prescribe antibiotics for just about anything viral or bacterial without so much of a thing as running a test.
As the saying goes: “Stay at home and do nothing, your cold will last a week, go see the Dr and it will last 7 days”

I just wish we could bottle up toddler energy and use it each time we feel sick.


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