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Time to tighten the belt

10:59 AM

And boy I wished it was the one going around my waist…but no major weight loss to report.
However, DH and I are facing a job crisis, his salary hasn’t been paid for the last couple of months, and it seems there are more months of almost payless days coming ahead due to company restructuring…so much so, we are digging into our saving to support us through the storm.
Where things will go from there, not sure, option A is to wait and see, and option B is for DH to find a new job.
Needless to say we are a bit tensed and stress is right now putting me in creative block mode.

While DH deals with his job situation and possible unrecoverable financial loss as a result. I can’t help but think we need to have some better financial planning going on in the future, as clearly right now our saving grace is first the fact that we have good friends helping us and managed to put enough saving to carry us a few months.

The interesting thing about it though, is that while DH tends to see the half empty cup, I see it as half full.
While the prospect of no or reduced salary for the month to come is surely a stressful thing, I tend to see it as an opportunity to clean up our act and be better spenders and planners…can’t be all of a bad thing to learn in this crazy consumerism driven era of ours.


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