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10:27 AM

First sorry for the lack of posts, I got caught up offline with DH being at home for a week, our dog having a benign breast tumour that needed surgery and all the regular things involving having a toddler in the house.

Yesterday some of the kids in our apartment building under the supervision of two great ladies had a mini fest planned. The idea was for the kids to bake and prepare snacks at home, plan fun games, and do simple craft project to sell during the mini-fest. The flyer on the bulletin board announcing the event said: We encourage all to attend and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in our children. And I loved seeing this, not to mention that all of Ishi’s older friends were in it too and kept telling me about it all along.
So we went, and this was FUN, brought back some good old memories of my school organizing such things when I was their age, be it to fund the class annual field trip, or just to make money out of selling my own toys, and I’m glad the spirit isn’t lost.
We enjoyed home made mini pizzas, dahi vada, chocolate cake, onion pakora, lemonade, sandwiches, pop corns and even pani puri. Ishita just loved them all, and while she was too little to play the “throw the hoops game” she just played with all the other toddlers in attendance. One of the older kid who was selling stuff said “This is a fun day I wish it was like this everyday”, and yes indeed, I think this should be something to do more often, brings the people together, let kids have fun, and we all had a very good time eating all these snacks.
The only “sad” thing though is that those who attended are pretty much the same old bunch of people we see everyday being active with their kids, too bad it didn’t bring more people out of their apartments…oh well!


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