The power of positive thinking

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A funny thing that is that as I was thinking about writing about it one of my regular reader posted something about it in the Feng Shui comments.
The simple truth is that every belief and faith are all about harnessing a positive energy to carry you through anything.
Prayers can heal, if you believe in them that is, faith can move mountains.
I’m saying all this because as I mentioned earlier, DH is the type of person who tend to see the glass half empty and wonder why bother even trying something new simply because it might not work. And I am the complete opposite, I tend to see the glass half full, and I think everything is worth a try.
I might be an optimistic, but trust me I think that half your success in life starts in the mind. As a teen I came to discover a bunch of audio tapes and book about sophorology in my parent’s bookshelves and curious as I was decided to read the book, and listen to the tapes.
Sophorology is a relaxation and guided meditation technique that has for core idea that you can easily program yourself for success, good health and overcome obstacle by simply planting the seed to your goal in the subconscious and that to really reach your subconscious you need to quiet the mind and reach that deep relaxation or meditative stage that is in a lot of way similar to the REM phase in dreams, this is the phase where you aren’t completely asleep, but not not actively awake either.
Hooked to it I later took a course to learn more, I was 19 and trust me a lot of my friends laughed about it, 19 year old do not go to a guided meditation group right? But then at that same time some of my friends (shall I say acquaintances) began to loudly comment on the fact that it seems that everything was tending to go “my way” and that I “had it easy” all along. They were mostly referring to my always managing to pull out of though school exams with the minimal effort back then. I wasn’t a class topper, because that really wasn’t my ambition, but I wasn’t a bad student either, if my goal had been to be the best student ever I would have surely succeeded I’m not going to lie. But nonetheless I did use sophrology to program myself to stay calm, to think ahead, to prepare myself to face road blocks, in such a way that exams never really stressed me out, and the most terrifying of all back then were the “oral exams” name given to the type were you enter the class room one at a time to face the jury, pick a topic in a lucky draw (so that you never know what is going to hit you in advance) and then getting 10 minutes to prepare your “defence” and go prove your point to your teacher and his/her choice of a jury person…to any teenager this is stressful, to me being an introvert and being a bit of a shy public speaker this can be terrifying, the type of situations one can loose it very easily…but thanks to the fact I programmed myself and kept telling myself “I WILL NOT LOOSE IT” and positively pictured any kind of scenario that could hit it me in the calm of my bedroom weeks before actually helped me in many ways. And I actually scored a few A on books I barely read simply because I was calm, composed, assertive and knew how to get my point through without letting the “opposition” a chance to question me. Even on the weakest topics like…ahem German I managed to get my pin out of the game, you can’t fake not being able to speak a certain language fluently, but attitude is counting as much, despite my making terrible mistakes in German to explain a book chapter, I was doing it, calmly, seriously, methodically. after a final exam my German teacher came to me after he graded everybody, it came as no surprise that I scored the average just to get me through, but he told me that in the weeks leading to the big exam and heck most of the year I came to him as a slacker, he had little hope for me, and confessed that when i entered the room on exam day he was more or less ready to just brand me with a big fat F as there was nothing during the school year that proved him I could actually speak German, but what stunned him during the exam is how despite my horrendous grammatical mistakes and lack of big words I got the point he wanted to hear through, and he was actually amazed at how calmly I did it too. Trust me I could have easily gone in panic attack mode then, that was easy: not speaking the language fluently facing a teacher ALONE in a final exam and not knowing more than 10 minutes in advance what book chapter I would have to dissert…I just was positively determined to not let that happen. Sure I never read the book in question in the original German language, I read it in French, then knowing what it was about I methodically got the important points, listened during classes about what the teacher thought was important about the book, and I took the plunge on exam day.

I never had it easy by default, and I was not having it my way all the time. What others perceived as such back then was merely the product of careful preparation…not necessarily conventional…but preparation nonetheless. and it’s not that things go my way all the time, is that I prepare myself for many scenarios and when an obstacle arise i find a way around it instead of sitting down and “scream why is this happening to me” screaming and begging won’t make the rock on your path disappear. Sitting and thinking “How can I go around it” surely will make you put it behind you.

Another thing that is bigger than all of us and got glimpse of during meditation is that, indeed there is a universal energy around us, it’s not positive, it’s not negative, it is what you make out of it. And prayers, religious beliefs, superstitions, and how you think affects it. This energy can both heal and destroy.
Have you ever heard of Reiki? And it’s healing power? I read about it, never practiced, but I do strongly believe in it, my mom practices it, I benefited from it on at least two occasions, once I didn’t even know about it.
Every religions out there have tales of miraculous healing, healing techniques that appear impossible to the scientific eye, tales of shamans, witches, druids…there is one common root to all these practice, those people all tap into this universal energy and harness it to work toward a goal. But their being convinced a person can be healed isn’t enough, if the person on the receiving end isn’t even the slightest bit opened not much good will come out of it.
Back to my Reiki mom, during the time I let her practice directly on me after I complained from a terrible headache and back pain I could feel the difference, I even noticed that the aches and tensions were not limited to the two areas I mentioned, but my mom found them anyway and healed these other spots too. I knew before hand Reiki was a working method, and as I was receptive my body did let go of the tensions more easily. My mom though mentioned she tried a session on my sister, and because my sister is a person who need science and logic to explain everything to her couldn’t for one second believe Reiki could actually work, result: while my mom’s healing touch tried to soothe the body my sister’s mind panicked and my sister burst into tears and her body tensed itself even more under the action, the fact was that since Reiki was going completely against her belief and she wasn’t willing to go in with even a slight opening toward something new, her mind triggered a self preservation mechanism. What happened in her case was a clear case of “This is BS, this won’t work and nothing good will come out of it”
My sister’s mind was dead set against it, probably without her even fully knowing it, the seed for failure against it was planted…and when you have such a seed planted, indeed nothing will ever work your way.

So here is a long entry to basically tell you that what you believe in and how you think will affect the outcome.
It might not always go as planned, you can’t always win big because there are other parameters than just yourself in anything, you can’t change these, but you can change how you approach things.


  1. This is one of the best and the most wonderful blogpost I have ever come across.Its sooo motivating and inspiring.Cyn,If you have the audio tapes of Sophrology,then could you please send it to me via email.I would be really grateful to you.

  2. Aww sorry I don't have these tapes here with me, they were in my parent's bookshelves ages ago, and they were in French since that is my native language.
    If you re interested in Sophrology maybe you could find a class or group near where you live.


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