WTG India!

9:41 AM

Sorry for the lack of posting, DH was in town the whole week, so I tend to limit the time I spend online then.
This last Saturday we obviously had the TV on “Star Cricket” to watch the Cricket World Cup Final since India was playing and had a chance at becoming world champion again after 20+ years.

Now to make things clear, I am not a huge fan of cricket, I find it difficult to follow a game that last 8 hours (though the T-20 format is easier for me to get interested into), but if you are married to an Indian guy, chances are that he is hooked to it or at least have an interest in it. Kids play it from an early age, there are several sports channel practically showing nothing else but cricket, and I dare you to find at least one person in India who’s never heard of Sachin Tendulkar, and in truth you probably won’t find anybody who can’t at least name 3 players in the current national team, that’s how important cricket is.
I remember when I first got to know about cricket, it was in 2002, I just met DH and he spent time online checking the score on cricinfo at my place, back then internet TV wasn’t really huge, I had a slow dial up connection so that was the only way for DH to know what was happening with team India. I realised immediately that this was something vital to DH so I asked him to explain what cricket was to me, and he went on and on drawing little graphics and writing terms on my notepad, I didn’t get much of a visual though as cricket doesn’t exist in Switzerland. Then I went to visit India in December 2002 and DH would watch some of the matches in our hotel room in Manali, so I got to ask again some of the rules and understood the explanation a bit better with some visual support. Then I got back to Geneva, Lagaan came available in DVD and I got an even better understanding of the game, even if this is a fictional story.
Yes you can’t say India without thinking of cricket, this is as much part of it as spicy food.

But back to Saturday shall we? frankly I didn’t pay much attention to the first inning, Sri Lanka was batting, and you would hear the entire neighbourhood cheer each time India took a wicket, no need to really watch TV. Then in the second half India got to bat, and DH got frustrated with India loosing 2 wickets so early in the game, and switched off the TV when Tendulkar got out, I asked him a bit puzzled why, and his reply was “It’s over, India is loosing” and I was like “Huh???? it’s still too early to tell, they can still win” but then DH’s “Glass half empty” tendency was resurfacing, the TV stayed off and DH went to watch a movie on his laptop, but 8.30pm I had Ishita asleep and dragged him off the laptop to play Monopoly as we hadn’t had an opportunity to play a board game undisturbed for a LONG LONG time, about half an hour into the game we heard loud cheers from all around our neighbourhood again so DH rushed to the computer to watch the game on his laptop, I pointed out the silliness of it though because we were playing Monopoly on our coffee table, all he had to do was switch on the TV again, which he eventually did, and at one point the game looked really tight, the game was closing in to the end, and there always seem to be just as many runs left as there were balls left, i think at this point both DH and I lost focus on our Monopoly game, then a breakthrough brought a little relief and then WHAM!!!!!!! The runs we needed to win were scored with a 6!
Within seconds you had people all over shouting on their balconies and homes, and fireworks starting everywhere.
Ishita got scared and woke up, DH went out buying some more beer to celebrate and we watched the trophy ceremony.

I might not be a huge cricket fan, heck on most days it bores me a little, but I don’t think anyone can stay insensitive to such a win and be moved seeing the players celebrate the victory after so many years of trying and a rather disastrous 2007 World cup.

Congratulation Team India…and what a match!


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