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I already referred to the bathroom in another entry, calling it the wet room, I also think I did point the fact that most people in India still wash themselves using a bucket and mug instead of the shower head, and how having a shower is often called taking a bath.
But there is one difference between Swiss shower culture and Indian one.
You see most people in Switzerland will take their shower in the evening when they come back from work, few like my father take one shower in the morning, and one in the evening though, but to people back home, it is considered really gross just not stepping in the shower after a whole day outside sweating, and getting exposed to dust and pollution, even more gross to step in the bed under the blanket carrying your nasty body odour and dirt.
Growing up the evening shower was practically ritual, served a relaxing purpose as well as the hot water helped relaxed tense muscles too.

Imagine my initial shock though when I first met DH and later came to Indian to learn that India is a nation of morning shower people and that most rarely step in the bathroom for a wash at the end of the day (DH included). Worse though is that I actually now do as the Roman do and end up having a shower in the morning…closer to noon, though once I’m done with the heavier part of the household duty, but still nowhere near the 6-7pm time I was going by back in Geneva. And yes I came to this realisation only yesterday when I actually forgot to take a morning shower and ended up taking a blissful shower at 8pm and felt all fresh and nice and relaxed and ready to cuddle in bed with a good book.
Now of course DH had his exceptions to the no evening shower thing when we were living in Chennai and Mumbai, both places are so hot and humid that by the end of the day you end up feeling seriously sticky and just need the refreshing touch.

What I noticed though, is that as far as our bed in concerned, the bed sheets are dirty much much faster, and DH’s pillow especially much greasier, I’d like to think it has something to do with the fact we slip under the blanket carrying a whole day of dust and grime on our skin.
In the beginning DH would be quite puzzled on the days I took an evening shower and washed my hair before bedtime, pointing out that this habit invites sickness, while the advice might be extremely sensible in the Dead of winter in North India considering the lack of proper heating inside houses, I don;t see how that could be a problem the rest of the year, in houses that rely on AC unit, it’s just a matter not to turn into to Igloo mode for an hour or two, and for us who never had an AC unit ever in our various homes (yes included in Chennai and Mumbai) the climate is pleasant enough to let your hair be wet for a little while. In Switzerland most people will or wrap a warm towel around their head for a while, or blow dry the hair a little in Winter, and I’ve never noticed myself being any more sick when I was stepping in the shower at night back in Geneva…funny how we regard night time and shower.

And yes I know some of you might actually be thinking it’s gross not to shower in the morning and go to work “dirty”, but then since those in favour of night time wash are stepping in a clean bed and staying there for 8-10 hours without being exposed as much to street dust and heavy sweat, the morning job of freshening up can be done with a damp face towel and a little soap, in front of your mirror, in just 2-3 minutes and a spray of deodorant to top the morning routine, meaning you end up having to allot way less time in the bathroom and more time in bed drinking your morning cup of tea or coffee, and since office hours in Switzerland generally start around 7.30 – 8am, every minutes saved in the morning to get a little more sleep counts, especially on these still pitch dark and cold December mornings.

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