The wonderful world of TV ads…and how gullible can we be?

1:37 PM

I never liked TV, but I tend to spend more and more time in front of the idiot box these days, I never liked ads, and I never will really.
Ishita has started taking an interest in cartoons, so in the morning I let her watch Playhouse Disney because they have cute educational non violent cartoons, and I have Pingu and Dora the explorer for her to watch in DVD.
While the early morning cartoons in playhouse Disney are cute and innocent, I really wish they would keep the commercials in between less idiotic and crude.

For example the totally spoiled rotten moronic girl sitting on top of a chandelier holding sachets of powdered fruit drinks shouting stuff like “I want a pony…monkey…” to her parents and getting her wishes fulfilled on the spot…as in making a parallel between the fact that her wish should get fulfilled as fast as the couple of seconds it takes to prepare a junk drink…WTG people, teach the younger generation to be self obnoxious brat raised on sugary drinks!

then there are the flavoured milk powder brands, the one that makes your child perform in school better, the one that will help him crush his opponents in sports, and my “favourite” of all : Complan, the one that only promise you one thing : Your child will grow taller.
Over the year DH and I laughed silly at the ads for that particular brand, fake research institute proving that “Complan kids are taller” than non Complan kids. The one with the sad music and whiny boy who complain he can’t reach ripe mangoes and ride a grown up cycle, with a close shot of the mother’s face full of guilt for her kid’s sadness, and the joy of the kid who then can do all the grown up things after drinking his Complan milk, or the two siblings fighting over Complan flavour with the older brother putting his younger sister’s flavour out of reach in the supermarket for her to only be able to reach it because she is a “Complan Girl” and is tall enough to reach it…SIGH!
Are there people out there who actually believe that the chocolate/vanilla/whatever powder you put in milk is going to make their child taller than average?

Sounds to me that multivitamin powders merits now replaced the good old “Eat your spinach, you’ll be stronger” or “Drink your soup, you’ll grow taller” or “Eat fish, it’ll make you smarter” I got served as a kid.
Growing up, the glass of milk with chocolate was a treat, not a substitute for good eating habits, my soup didn’t make me taller, I hated spinach but can lift a sofa and be active the whole day, and the fact I didn’t care for fish didn’t make me fail in school…but I still see a major difference here, my mother and my grand mothers were at least cajoling me in EATING food rather than rely on a protein drink. I didn’t escape the rules of genetic drinking home made vegetable soup daily, but I certainly got a taste for various healthy food stuff.
I wonder what will become of the milk flavouring powder generation though.
Ishita’s paediatrician warned me against these very same protein drinks, urged me to cut down the amount of formula she gets a day to 12oz total to encourage her to EAT food, ditto with juices and any sweet drinks, between her morning formula and evening formula all she gets to drink is water, and as much whole fruits, nuts, whole wheat bread, rice, eggs, cheese and veggie as she possibly wants during the day, because these are healthy base in a diet. He also told me that if she ate well, 3-4oz of cow’s milk with chocolate powder can be offered as a TREAT, not as a substitute for a meal.
Believe me when he told me that I could have hugged him, because that’s exactly how I see it.
But I now start worrying about what Ishita is exposed to via the idiot box even more than before, I screen what cartoons she is allowed to watch and how long she can watch it carefully, and I have no control over what goes into the TV commercials.
I never thought I would actually come to the following conclusion, because as an adult who can make her own informed choice and laugh at some of the products that are advertised, I know a child will take a lot of things as face value.
My conclusion being that since alcoholic beverage ads and cigarettes ads are banned, maybe just maybe it would be time to ban junk food ads from the TV as well, and have a panel of expert make sure that ads promoting so called health drinks such as Complan and Pediasure cannot give false promises such as growing faster, and replacing a healthy meal in fussy eating kids. How ridiculous is that the censorship board removes certain short scenes in grown up movie and serials, but that kids channels can get away have rude behaviour shown in TV ads and even cartoons?


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