A man’s dream

8:47 PM

Confession: I’ve never been a gold jewellery person. I really don’t care about diamonds, and  I don’t dream of my husband gifting me costly ones.
I’m the type who prefer this type of jewellery:

Cheap colourful beads and pendants, silver jewellery with semi precious stones like turquoises and crystals, yarn, ceramic, resin, glass, brass and copper. The stuff that doesn’t cost a lot, and that I can mix and match according to my mood and outfits. In the picture above are most of my fashion pieces. I have more in silver in a box, as well as earrings in the same kind of style. My engagement ring is 22k gold with no diamonds, and is current distorted and need to go to the jeweller. I wear a silver and turquoise ring instead. Ring that DH and I found in Manali in 2009.
In a country that has a serious obsession with gold and offer a majority of big showy chunky pieces, I’m the odd one.
I have a few odd stuff in gold. I almost never wear them unless going to a wedding. My bridal set was a gold plated silver base with red beads because I just don’t believe in breaking the bank on stuff that I will wear just that one day. I think there are better investments than buying jewellery, buying gold shares is  far sounder in today’s world, but yeah we didn’t tell my MIL until a year after that my wedding set was “fake”. She never noticed on her own,  and no one else ever did as I got a good set from “SIA Jewellery” which specialise in gold plated costume sets.
And, when some ladies I know brag about how their husbands got them a new diamond pendant for a special occasion, I nod and smile politely.
DH knows me too well. He knows I like the cheaper stuff, so when he went to South Africa in 2008 for 3 weeks he brought me back a pretty necklace made of glass beads and resin he found in a craft fair. Just last weekend, he suddenly wanted to treat me to something special, the original plan was to get myself new clothes, and he left me to shop alone pretending to have to take Ishi home. When I came back, he had a shopping bag with a multi row blue beads necklace and earrings and got a matching bracelet as well.
Yup, I’m the easy type. In fact, I don’t even think I could appreciate a diamond pendant as much as I love the small gifts he comes up with. And, he will never be the one to complain to his friends saying “My wife cost me a fortune in gold and diamonds”


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