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10:30 PM

In 2008 I was writing about my woes with the Kenstar customer care and service when it came to a broken plate inside my microwave, if you are not familiar with the saga it starts here, continues there, and finally ends that way.

I thought I would never have to deal with them ever again, but misery oh misery, my microwave oven decided to really act up on Wednesday, basically transforming my microwave/convection/grill oven into pretty much just a convection/grill appliance as suddenly the microwave option died right after defrosting some crab stick refusing to do anything more fancy than spin the plastic container of mushroom cream chicken around leaving it dead cold after 3 tries.
Realizing what was happening I got all the flashback of uselessness from 2008, the difficulty finding the customer care number, the incompetent technician coming with no tools and no replacement part, and having to wait forever to even know if the microwave could be fixed. DH decided to take the task of finding the info online and call, and we were both surprised that they had a brand new completely updated webpage, and that now Kenstar, Electrolux, Kelvinator and Videocon are a joint venture and all fall under the same group, and seeing Electrolux in the list made me hopeful that maybe things improved with them.
DH wrote down the Number but actually forgot to call until Friday morning, at which point he went through the usual drill of replying to a bunch of questions about the appliance type, brand, model type, our residential address and phone number and after hanging up told me that apparently they will come have a look, but that he didn’t ask when.
Having had experience with the service I snorted, not expecting anything to happen without a few more phone call to remind them of our existence and existential crisis with our microwave. So much so I forgot about it.
This morning at around noon (that’s Saturday, about 24 hours after the phone call) the security officer in our building inform us via intercom that a Kenstar repairman is there for us! YES! 24 hour after raising a request guys, I was shocked, because the 24 hour response is something that so far only LG delivered. But then as skeptical as I can be I decided that the guy being there so fast didn’t mean our oven would be fixed as he probably forgot the part, or never got filled in on what the problem was.

So our guy comes in, take a bowl of water to test in the oven to prove our claim right, and 2 minutes later he has the oven’s outer cover removed and is looking at the wires, he also notices a lot of grime and rust in there and remind us to not put anything on top of the oven as this could damage it in the long run, and I’m off finding a new permanent space for the fruit bowl while he examine the wires and components and then tell us that 2 components are fried and need replacement, giving us the price for each and the quote for the service charge asking us if we want to replace them, at which point DH asks if he has the parts with him, and the man to reply by the affirmative. By then I’m officially impressed, and can’t believe that things will be fixed right away. The man quickly goes to work, and within 10 minutes the oven can again microwave water to a boiling point at which point the guy also add that the lamp is not working inside the oven and ask if I want it replaced. I ask him if he has the bulb with him, and when he replies that yes he has, give him the go ahead, the lamp was the first thing to die on that oven but I never bothered about it as it didn’t go in the way of cooking and heating stuff anyway, to me the lamp inside the microwave is a fancy extra, and yes for the record the guy who came in 2008 already mentioned the lack of light but added that it would take one more week for him to get the bulb so back then I said no to the repair.

So now I can say that Kenstar really cleaned up their act, I was very impressed by the professionalism this time around, they guy had all the correct parts with him, plus the one I never would have asked for such as the bulb, he fixed the issue promptly, and was polite. I seriously could not have asked for more.


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