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Pfff….not so easy

12:26 PM

With my birthday coming and some gift money from my grand ma i for once had a good idea of what I wanted, but an idea isn’t everything it seems.
A week ago I started seeing that Reebok had launched a top and pair of pants in their “Easytone” range, to complement the sneakers they launched last year, and I thought maybe I could get myself the top to help me tone those back muscles a little. With an active toddler at home I don’t have much time for a structured work out routine, so my days are pretty much a medley of dog walking, clutter picking, toddler carrying, more clutter picking, some cooking and dusting, a lot more clutter picking and a two hour session at the kiddie playground walking around, spinning a merry go round and pushing a swing. Surely that isn’t the regimen professional athletes go through to get fit, but I wouldn’t call myself completely sedentary, I make a point of being on my feet as much as possible, with the result that  as far as my legs go, I’m actually pretty toned, the top is a different issue, so yup I could use the help of a little more resistance since clearly carrying a two years old in my arm each time we step out is not enough.
Happy Birthday to come to me, I headed to Reebok yesterday, and asked about the top, I figured out that I might as well call for the large size since branded sportswear in India is normally available in Asian size (Addidas even says so on their tags), they guy tell me to try the Medium first after eyeing me, I guess I’ll take that as a compliment, means I’m not too out of shape after all …WRONG, or at least accorded to the Easytone top, I can’t get the damn thing past my shoulders! The tight resistance elastic bands refuse to budge, so I call for the Large, with the same result, the thing won’t go past my shoulder. I Explain the problem to the shop assistant who I can see is a bit baffled and immediately ask one of his colleague to fetch the XL size they have in the storage room (Clearly XL clothes don’t look too good on the racks in a fitness apparel store…darn), I go once more to the trial room, and this time the top get stuck below my shoulder, and for a split moment even wondered how I would remove the thing as I struggle to get the elastic bands to free my body, thinking that maybe if I lock myself long enough (days? week? months?) in the trial room without food I might actually shrink enough to fit the top, or at the most get it of my head, but a few more twists and shimmies and the Lycra prison is off my chest, and I go back defeated to the shop assistant who then helpfully suggest maybe I should get the Easytone pants, I figure that since my legs are pretty toned there isn’t much point, but that then, why not, I go immediately for the XL ones, which have the feel of a a Neoprene wet suit by the way, and march right back to my cubicle of despair and low self esteem to get them on.
And I got them on! Not without some pulling and stretching and huffing and puffing I might add, but they go all the way to the hip as they are low waisted pants, the feeling? Not so good, I feel like my legs are entrapped in blood pressure cuffs and all the stretching and huffing and puffing is starting to look futile as the overstretched garment start to ride down my curvy self…darn! I check the tag which mention “XL 81cm” I figure 81cm means the waist size, which roughly translates as 32 inches, go back to the guy tell him this doesn’t fit and ask if these are Asian sizes (though I know the answer is a fat yes because in Europe a person with a 32 inches waist is a Medium Size not an XL) but the guy puzzled by the question ask the cashier who says that no they are “Normal sizes”…darn I knew I wasn’t normal, here is the proof I don’t fit Reebok’s standard of Normality, they try to persuade me to look into regular garments which will have a more comfortable fit than the Easytone range, but I’m more than all set in the yoga pants, track pants and stretch top department, why would I pay some money for some more?
The truth is that by any standard I’m not a freak, vital stats to prove it: 41-33-41 (inches) and I’m practically back to my pre-pregnancy self, at the exception of the hips which were much narrower, but childbirth changes you in some ways and you can’t will your body to go exactly back to what it was, I’m actually proud to have retained my hourglass figure all through hormonal imbalance, insulin woes, baby bump and postpartum wobble bits mind you. What I hate is that at the height of my 5’8 frame, broad swimmer’s shoulder I’m actually made to feel like I’m so “fat” fitness outfits should not fit me, oh and while we are in the fitness measurements, in my quest to get fitter these past few months I’ve lowered my BMI from 25 which was borderline overweight to 24 which now falls in the upper normal range…so by all mean, not a unhealthy lady…thank you very much. And while I will conscede the fact that yes a lot of Indians have a more petite frame than most European, there are an impressive amount of ladies in my entourage who without being fat or chubby seem to fall in the same body structure than mine so again by all mean I’m not such an oddity wouldn’t you agree?

The irony has it that the people who would benefit the most from a garment like the easytone top or tops, are actually the one less likely to fit into the damn thing huh? But then why would a person with a rock hard tone body want to buy the thing in the first place if they can’t get all the benefit from it?
That’s one of the mysteries of the fitness fashion world I won’t attempt to answer because it seems as dangerous to venture on that path as it is to peak inside the Pandora’s Box.
I marched out of that store with my chine up and my daughter on my left hip and went walking around the neighbourhood to check for some party supplies for my darling little one, all in all I walked an hour with her and then did 2 hours at the playground and ran into a friend who I haven’t seen in a few weeks who after greeting me said “look at you you have lost weight you look great!”



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