The scavenger

3:50 PM

I think I spoke about maids, and drama on several occasions on this blog, even have a label under which I put such posts.
Right now I’m dealing with a totally new type of lady: The Vulture. That type was until now unknown to me, but it’s a fairly easy one to spot, look for a maid who will look around your home and spot all the old stuff, half broken, worn out or almost rotten stuff and ask “Can I have this?” without any consideration of the fact that you are actually still using these things. My current maid seem to excel at this asking about all my stuff and bits of garbage. I’m used to maids asking me to keep the glass bottles and beer cans aside for them, and I have no problem with them taking these to make a little extra money, spare me the hassle of lugging it all to the guy buying recyclables and being cheated in the process. But this maid is constantly having her nose in my fruit basket looking for overripe bananas, I told her a couple of time that no she can’t have my brown skin fruits because I make cakes with them, but it doesn’t seem to stop her from asking every single time, last week she grabbed a full bunch of very brown banana from the bowl and casually said “I’m taking it”. I told her quite sharply to leave the banana where they were as I was to use them, I have a feeling she doesn’t quite believe me here and still think I’m throwing them away, but hey when I make a banana cake it goes into ziploc bags in the freezer so I resist the temptation of wolfing down half the cake right out of the oven, and beside I don’t think it is my maid’s business to decide what she can have or not have in my home.
She also has that tendency to hint at the fact the other families in the building offer her gifts, asking us to foot the bill for her son’s school tuition and looking highly sceptical when we tell her we don’t have the money (which is true, DH is still not getting any full salary at work). Several time she asked me why I was never wearing salwaar suits and then added that if I don’t wear the one I have I should give them to her! WTF? She came back at it yesterday explaining she needs salwaar suits to give to her sister who is going to college showing me the one a neighbour gave her before leaving with her stuff including an old tube light holder.

We moved in February, and since then she is constantly asking for old stuff, money for the school tuition, and frankly I’m getting a bit fed up with the attitude. A month ago we gave her our old DVD player which doesn’t seem to want to play half of the DVD we own anymore but still plays VCD fine. But while she profusely thanked me for the player, she now thinks she is entitled to more freebies from us, and that it also gives her the right to complain about the dishes and the few of Ishi’s toy lying around…sigh!


  1. Navya1:06 PM

    lol. My cook is like this. As you know my- inlaws live downstairs and we live on top. We have an LCD tv while my inlaws have the older tv. My cook is always behind my inlaws to replace their existing tv with a new one so she can get the old one for free :) even though my inlaws have shown no desire to change tvs ever or expressed any unpleasure over their existing one! Similarly the cook went to my MIL and stated she had way too many pans of the same size and requested that my MIL part with 2 of them as they were repetitives :) I never realized the term "Scavenger " could apply to her - guess it works well :D

    She really is a great cook, she knows her job well - she knows what to cook and how to cook for our tastes and goes beyond her job description by coming up with innovative ideas to cook stuff with the same veggies - her only problem is that she is observing the rest of the house and its contents in between cooking - and she keeps asking if random items in the house are going to be freecycled to her!!!

  2.  Sigh! At least she cooks well, that maid I had was not even really working that well, or always complaining about something, by the time we were in the final phase of packing and organizing our move back to Mumbai she kept asking DH for more, we gave her the old toaster and rice cooker because they were both disfunctional and at th emost she could sell them for scrap value, but each time we offered her one freebie she was asking for another, the barely one year old guest mattresses in Ishi's room being one, then she told DH that our pots and pans had a few grease markes and black marks so we must get rid of them and she was happy to take them off my hand...what????
    DH was totally baffled, while I was smiling feeling quite smug, because I knew she would pull that one off on him, because he was not there often and she thought that maybe she would have better chances with him.
    When I announced early July last year we were moving in August, she was like "I'll take the TV and the fridge", she seems shocked to hear me say that no we were packing these with us, like we buy new stuff everytime we move!

  3. Navya2:14 PM

     LOL. My cook has eyed the TV and the fridge below constantly asking my MIL to upgrade stating that she is more than willing to take the old ones off MIL's home - MIL is more than content with her old but functioning appliances.

    Two days ago, I parted with Rs.1000/- loan to my maid for school books for my maid's kids and the cook happened to witness it - so she came up with a story immediately after I parted with the money about how her son needs some money too and how she is short of 40000/- (what's the correlation between 1000Rs and 40000????)

    DH and I just sympathized with her situation - we did not part or pretend to help her finance 40000/- : no one was sick, just that she got duped by some money lender where she keeps her money for safe keeping - plus she came up with that figure after the maid came for help so it is still too fishy to believe it!

    Really, my only problem with her is this greedy attitude - else she really is good at her job, punctual and hard-working like the new maid of yours that you were praising so much - this cook also earns around 18000/- per month by cooking in many houses : but she is always flaunting freebies from each house stating she needs so many more things from here as well.

    She stated once that next time we order in Pizza, we should save her a slice and was actually offended that we did not save it for her the next day, she found the empty cartons in the trash - DH was baffled, he told her : I am sure you can afford Rs.39/- pizza with your son at Dominos!

  4.  wow saving her slices of pizza???? I bet she can afford one now and then, my maid does order one occasionnaly, once she did it for her daughter's birthday, she asked us if we could place the order so that she could have it delievered to our place while she was here cooking in the evening, and she even cut a tiny slice for Ishi despite my telling her not to do so and enjoy the whole pizza with her kids.


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