Shopping with a toddler

10:10 PM

Today DH is out of town so in order to kill some weekend time I decided to go shopping with Ishita as my grand ma sent us both me and my daughter our birthday gift in form of a cash transfer to our bank account. Ishita has a real sudden obsession with Dora the explorer  and the  “choo choo” episode that you find on the Treasure Island DVD, which she managed to scratch so badly it no longer plays, so this week I tried to find it in Landmark but it was no longer there, so today I headed to another bookstore and managed to find it, along with a “2” birthday cake candle which I will need for the kiddie party I’m planning for her, then we headed to Shopper’s Stop to see what kiddie clothes they have. I normally wait for the sales, but for the past few weeks I’ve been quite irritated at never finding anything that still fit and still look decent in Ishi’s wardrobe and this morning I finally got around to store all the too small and still good looking outfits in a box, and made another pile of too small and really worn out clothes, turns out she hasn’t much left after I did that, so shopping it was.

There is something about shopping that seem to make Ishita exited, especially clothes shopping, she can’t stop running around, pulling things off the rack in a very professional shopper’s way…your typical shopping crazy teenager in the making ladies and gent. And it’s not that she pulls stuff off the racks to make a mess, nope she grabs things she likes, and keep holding her loot as she roams around to narrow on the next target, like a bird of prey looking for their next meal, while I try to find something cute that will just come in her size already!
So in Shopper’s Stop she decided to grab 3 same blue corduroys pants, a white t-shirt with a teddy bear and a pink skirt while I was with the shop assistant trying to find her right size in a pile of denim skirts. Her little miss goes shopping behaviour actually  actually attracted several shop assistant who couldn’t get how cute she was doing what she was doing (looting the kid’s department) and offered to keep an eye on her while I picked up some stuff, I never let her out of my sight though, and always reminded her to behave…ok mostly saying Ishita…NO to which the shop assistants kept saying “It’s ok let her do it, we will make sure nothing is too messed up” And all the while I could not help but think that should we have been in Switzerland I would have had cold stares from the staff for not having my daughter harnessed in a stroller or behaving nicely (meaning not touching the racks), trust me when I say that I’m glad people in India don’t mind kids acting like kids in public spaces. Swiss kids are expected to be at their best behaviour all the time, and kids are strongly frowned upon in upscale place or at dinner time in a restaurant, here you can have your child being out at 9pm in a nice restaurant and still have the waiter smile and offer them treats to keep them entertained, or a shop assistant willing to play “pretend shopping” with them if that’s what they want.
Oh and you also don’t have to deal with other parents shooting you daggers if your child runs around the store with a Dora The Explorer clutched to her chest while saying “choo choo” while you abandon checking dress sizes as she starts making a mad rush for the tea mug display in the home section of Westside as it we experienced later today. Nope instead you have parents saying “Sho Shweet” and asking you her name and how old she is and end up with a “Awww she is so cute”. The Swiss parent might just question your parenting skill at this point and nag you by pushing a stroller with a well behaved kid in it like saying “See mine is strapped in and don’t make a scene”.
So I managed to stop Ishita before she could do any damage in the home section, we bought the Dora The Explorer cushion because that’s her first independent choice and I was anyway thinking about having some bedding and cute cushion put in her room in order to slowly motivate her to actually sleep in her own bed later on, and while she couldn't stop roaming around having me on high alert the whole time we got things done, and celebrated the big shopping day with a slice of black forest cake and an Iced Tea for mommy at a coffee shop.  Where quite obviously Ishi scored another few “So cute” for dumping dirty napkins on the table of the couple seated at the next table and my just telling her to stop it already and sit and eat more cake.

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  1. You should take her to Hamleys toy shop; there are two branches.One in Phoenix Lower Parel and other in Infinity 2 Malad West.
    They have some cool toys :)

    1. I know Hamleys :-) and we've been there a lot. That entry was written in 2011 when we were living in Bangalore, we were yet to experience Mumbai and Hamleys shopping.

    2. They also have a branch at Phoenix Market city in Kurla.


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