Third time the charm?

12:59 PM

When we moved back to Bangalore last February I was looking forward to the cool climate, being able to walk around without sweating buckets and soaking linen pants on my way to buy milk, imagined a typical cold Bangalore winter morning with me sipping my tea on the balcony looking at the dissipating fog, little did I know that fate had different plans…

DH is still not getting his salaries paid in full (with the first 3 salaries of the year still not paid at all) and after applying just about everywhere he could think of in business consulting, got one good offer, with a nice salary hike…in…MUMBAI!
Now we aren’t really in a position to just be picky, it doesn’t take much brain to figure out that between an interesting job in Bangalore with serious salary paying issue and an other somewhat interesting job with a salary hike in a bigger more reliable company in Mumbai, the second is the best option.
So what if it is Mumbai? I mean at this point we just tapped in all our savings, we really can’t get any further without getting more debts than we can manage. I wont pretend that Dh and I are exited about the whole move though, but one thing DH told me was that this time he won’t let the monsoon and impatience get in the way of him finding us a nice place to live, it might take a little more time, and we might have a few months where we won’t be together often but he is going to avoid the Navi Mumbai ordeal, we tried it, we hated it and if we are going to be stuck in Mumbai for a couple of years, we want to be in a place were we can somewhat enjoy it. Which means mostly being in an area that won’t push him into commuting 4 hours a day, has a few nice shops and entertainment, and most importantly has a small park with a kiddie playground even if that is only inside the apartment complex.  The only drawback with that plan is that finding such a place will be a bit tricky, because Mumbai has some really crazy real estate prices. With a big dog and a toddler we need a 2BHK that is at least 1000 sq ft but preferably 1200, we don’t care about balconies or terraces, we just don’t want to feel crammed, and we don’t want to have to pay half the monthly income for that. Fortunately some preliminary checks on real estate websites show some hope that we wont be asking for the moon.
Then once we have our new home picked, the waltz of boxes, can start all over again, I can fish out my old war plan, season it “a la sauce du jour” and try to break our record at settling down, though I seriously doubt we will be able to unpack  the stuff faster than the 24 hours it took this time. But my mind is already racing with clutter shrinking plans, if we are going to have to live in a smaller apartment, we need to once and for all kiss goodbye to DH’s college course books, he hasn’t opened them in over 7 years, time to let go, and while we are at it we started debating the necessity of keeping or massive computer table, our desktop has been out of commission since last November and while the reason it’s not up and running is because we can’t afford to replace the mother board and processor, we haven’t exactly been missing it, DH was away all the time with his company’s laptop, and I am perfectly happy with my netbook, in fact truth be told my netbook has cured me of my made Facebook gaming addiction, why would I want to tempt the devil again? If we decide to get the desktop running again later, we can still find a less massive and far more attractive desk that will fit our new place rather than try to make our new space accommodate a table we bought to fit our old Bangalore flat but looked like a sore point in both our Navi Mumbai flat and the one we are currently living in. We still have a custom made writing desk to use for the laptops, and a dinning table we can easily turn into a workspace. Beside I’m against having the computer in our bedroom and hated having it in Ishita’s bedroom as well, and will hate it even more as she grows up and learn how to use it, that was the reason why we chose to move into a 3BHK last February, so that we can set a room as a Study/Office and not have work invade our personal space, but DH won’t be working from home in his new company, so the immediate necessity of having a Study is now more of an indulgence, which probably won’t fit our budget anyway.

The silver lining is that I am at least enjoying some of the cold monsoon weather Bangalore has to offer, and that we will probably move to Mumbai by October and then I won’t have to bear with too much heat until the cold period of December, and we will have plenty of time to get ourselves an AC unit to bear with Summer.

Now let’s see if Mumbai will be more enjoyable on our third attempt to live there?

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