Dog transport woes

3:42 PM

Last Year when we relocated to Mumbai from Bangalore, we were able to rent a crate with, it was convenient, did cost us less to rent a crate than buy a new one, and we weren’t stuck with a giant crate to store at home.
We wrongly assume things would not have changed in the last year, but DH just called them and they informed him that they no longer carry the crate rental service, informing him that a new IATA approved doggy crate to fit a labrador retriever cost 10k! DH doesn’t mind that part, after all renting comes around 6k anyway, but the big issue is the storage, as mentioned in my previous entry, so yup we will end up having to store an ugly looking crate in our apartment on top of all the mess we already have…sigh.
The other issue is that while pet vacations operate from Mumbai and does provide pet friendly taxi service, there is no such thing in Bangalore, city cab, Meru and all the big one will bluntly refuse to transport a pet and its crate to the airport, last year DH went to a car rental company to arrange for a Toyota Innova and driver, not without hassle. First the guy said that the dog had to be put in the crate and on the roof of the car, but upon hearing it was such a big dog agreed to have the dog inside the car, provided it was in its crate (duh!). But on the day itself the driver fussed about all kind of things, included the fact we had suitcases on top of having a dog, and that because we had no lift in our building would not agree to help us get two miserable suitcases down. Then the guy refused to close the car windows because then his car would smell for weeks (his words), DH shouted at him because Ishita who was sleeping in my arms was soaked in sweat and we needed the AC. So we doubt they will even agree on accommodating a pet again, leaving us with having to find another car hire company.
Hopefully JetLite hasn’t changed their policy and still allows pets to fly in their cargo hold. In the meantime I want to get a crate quote from our vet as well, that would spare DH the hassle of carrying the empty crate purchased in Mumbai all the way to Bangalore to fly it back with a 4 legged passenger a few days later.

Got to love all this relocating stuff, I swear this move better be the last one for at least a few years or I’m going to go insane, I’m already starting to dream of a horde of boxes at night…which multiply in the truck to attack me in my new place…at least I have some imagination!

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  1. We are relocating from Bangalore to Kolkata with our 10 months Lab.. We are still not sure whether to go by flight, leaving him in cargo [:(] or to book 1st AC Coup in train.

    I heard Airlines rent creates, is that true? Do you have any idea?

    any suggestions would be helpful as we are having sleepless nights..

  2. Hi, if you are planning in advance enough, and don't mind the long trip, take the train, you'll probably spare yourself the cost of a crate as I heard they aren't necessary.

    To the best of my knowledge airlines don't rent crates in India, not even all airlines companies seem to accept pets on board. We flew with Jet Lite the two times we relocated by air with our dog because the charges were less, dogs flying cargo do fly at an excess weight tarrif.
    The first time we were quite worried too, but Jet Lite handled our dog very nicely, be sure to come early enough so that you don't get rushed through check in, because once you paid the fee and got your boarding pass the airport security will ask you to come in the luggage section, take the dog out of the crate so they can x-ray the crate and then put the dog back into it so that you get to lock your crate properly afterward, the crate is the first thing that comes out of the plane at destination, and you can collect your dog in the conveyor belt hall. The most annoying thing in travelling by air is to find a cab willing to take the dog to the airport, the first time we hired a private driver and car and he fussed a lot, the second time we were smarter and asked our vet who provided a car and driver to take the dog. In Mumbai we had the people from to arrange for a car to meet us at the airport.
    Here is the page giving you tips on air travels on the site:

  3. Manish11:32 AM

    Now you have Pet Cab - Taxi Services for Pets in Bangalore. These van are exclusive for pets local travel and outstation trips. They even support in flight cargo transport within India.

    you can contact them on

  4. are there anyone who would give the crate for rent just for travel?

    1. Hi, this post is old, it was written back in 2011. back in 2010 we did manage to rent a crate, but in 2011 we got stuck with buying one, and then resold it.
      I have no idea if there are rental services available now, I haven't travelled with a dog by air since 2011.


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