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One painting done!

9:04 PM

In my Toddler entry I was mentioning that you know you have a toddler when you have two half finished paintings, well this is no longer true for me, I managed to finish one of the two I’ve had lying around:

I started this one in March of this year, in an effort to bring some brightness to our big apartment with gloomy walls, but there’s been long periods of me not being able to work on it for various reasons. The first being that Ishita was keeping me busy and I simply could not just paint for 5 minutes and then let it be in hope of catching up in small interval during the day, my paint of choice is Acrylic paint, once this type of paint dries it’s insoluble so once you start preparing one colour, you need to finish it in one go.
The other reason being that I had, and still have a love/hate relationship with this painting. I normally prefer more abstract, quick paintings, but DH suggested I do a landscape, so I did, and now I remember why I hate landscapes and portrait paintings so much. It just doesn’t suit my impatient style, and for a landscape to look good you need to pay tons of attention to details. A thing which I find boring very fast. But, I had that waterfall idea in mind, and it sounded doable. So, I went with it. I worked fast and well on the waterfall which was the main idea, and then realised that to make it look good I would have to get some green shrubs and rocks for which I had little interest. The left part of the painting is actually much better than the right side. I worked way too long on the right side, to just do some damage control and fill the emptiness. Thinking of it, I should have done another waterfall on that side, I would have breezed through it, and spared me the hassle of camouflaging the rocks.

I am not sure if I’ll ever work on my second painting, that one I started last year in May, but since it was on a cardboard pasted canvas, the humidity of the monsoon in Mumbai last July made it mold, and distort, I have no idea if it is salvageable.

I am already thinking of my next painting, I always wanted to do a big one to hang above our bed, but for the longest time was not sure about the colours, or even the general idea. The ugly salmon pink in our current apartment are really not inspiring me, our bedroom is in tones of blue, so I want to use some colours to complement that. Since we are shifting in 2 weeks I’ll wait until we are settled down, and will let the new bedroom inspire me. I just hope I won’t have to cross half Mumbai to find a good art supplies shop and restock on paint, and buy a big stretched canvas.
One thing is sure, I don’t want to do another landscape ever again. I used to hate doing it when I was an art major in high school unless they were abstract or with surrealist colours, and I’m finding out that 16 years later I still hate doing them, I thought age had me grow some more patience and attention to tiny details…I should have known better of course.


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