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As mentioned in my toddler post, I had to deal with Jackson Pollock inspired scribble on most of my walls, which of course would be a good sign that my daughter has some artistic dispositions if it was not in a rented property owned by a rather difficult landlord (to put it mildly).
Now with the shifting to Mumbai set sometime in mid-August, I just had the daunting task to tackle the stubborn scribbles that were made in colour pencil and pen, and after experiencing the paint issue while removing the washable crayons masterpieces let’s just say i was more than reluctant to just get the other clean.
Not that our landlord would ever see the damage, he lives in another city and leave his broker act as the middleman and contractor, I’m actually willing to bet that  our landlord doesn’t even know the walls in his entire flat have been painted an horrid salmon pink to begin with, that too with a cheap, cheap paint. A chunk of our security deposit will go toward painting charge regardless of what happened to the wall, but I just want to prevent the broker play taddle tale and report a massive contemporary art outbreak and extort more money out of our deposit to anyway pocket half the sum and have a cheap re-painting job done over the already cheap original paint job.
the issue with the wash is that I had to use a green scrubber to get the pencil off the wall and once dry the wall started sporting significantly lighter patches.
these blotches leave me with two options : a) Confess the scribble and attempt at covering it up and risk getting a huge amount of our deposit go away or b) Do some damage control to fool the broker long enough since he announced he would conduct an inspection during the week to come.
And since there is no way in hell I will confess the crime, and that passing the blotches as crop cycles made by extremely confused and possibly intoxicated little green men just won’t seem even remotely plausible (inventive…I’ll give you that much, but certainly not plausible) I decided to opt for option b).
One of Ishita’s decorating snafu fix actually gave me an idea there. In her bedroom she scribbled the entire length of a below the window wall, and since I had to wash the whole surface and that the curtain hid the mark between the washed and already clean area it makes it hardly noticeable (unless you press your nose against it).
I reasoned that if I washed a bigger portion of the walls having light patches, the aforementioned patches would actually be much less noticeable, that coupled with a sponge technique to reapply some of the wet paint to the lighter area and blurring the line between wet and dry worked. To make sure my idea worked and my actually being impatient in nature, I used my blow dryer to get the dampness away in minutes (We tend to have a strong mc Guyver gene running in the family if you ever needed an explanation).
Verdict? Quite good actually, most of the blotches disappeared, and unless the guy knew all along what happened, there is a fat chance he’ll notice any of the living room patches until we completely move out. The ones in the bedroom were taken care of the fact no direct light ever fall on them, which left me with only one fairly big one in the computer room, ironically, the wall were a fresco of 90cm high by 2m wide made in purple washable crayon once stood.
the damaged area was so big to begin with, and it doesn’t help that it was on a completely naked wall standing right smack in the path of the light coming from the window, making the fix up VERY noticeable.
And this is where having been trained as an interior decorator actually pays off, rooms pretty much like anything or anybody have flaws and assets, to make a room look stunning you need to first assess the potential, then work on maximising the assets in order to minimise the flaws. In simpler words, you create a focal point that direct your eye away from the spot you want to hide.
Being in the process of shifting, and not having a cent to spare on buying something extra, the only option was to work with what I already had, and since that room is one big work in progress that will never even get close to started, this was fairly easy. We have one tiny writing desk that we just put close to our computer desk by default, but shifting it against the spoiled wall actually did just the trick to cut the initial focal point, I also have a almost finished painting hanging above the blotch on that very wall, so placing the desk under the painting, adding a few neatly pilled up magazines, one of Ishita’s doll and shifting the music system in the desk’s old spot just made the blotch line that much harder to notice…mission accomplished!

One thing keep puzzling me though. We’ve been living in a fair amount of rented flat, and not one had a quality paint job, which efficiently force the landlord to contract a painter between each tenant as even the most careful person will leave the place with marks on the wall…thanks to substandard material used.
With all the new generation of acrylic paint that can be wiped clean, it would only make sense should I be a flat owner to use only that one once in my property, and just have it washed between tenants…seems less of a hassle, and they could still charge wall washing charges instead of painting charges to exiting tenant…oh well!


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