Party Time

12:04 PM

Ishita is turning 2 this week and this last Saturday we decided to throw her a party to which all her playground friends were invited. This counts as her first birthday party ever, because last year when she turned one we were barely out of the boxes in Navi Mumbai, didn’t know our new neighbourhood well enough and didn’t have many friends around, so it was a standard cake, with basically just us, and a toy I never got to gift wrap because she found it in the shopping bag before I got the opportunity to do so.

This year we made up for the misses from last year, going all out, with a fancy cake, party, games, favours, and all that jazz.
For the occasion we went to cake walk and ordered this cake:

Dora the explorer being Ishita’s favourite cartoon, the cake was a massive 3kg monster of chocolate truffle, but initially we thought that since it was a Saturday some of the younger kids would be coming with their parents, turned out it was pretty much just the older kids, one of the moms hanging at the playground came with her toddler daughter and the two maids looking after some of Ishita’s friend stopped by, so we had more than enough caked to go, we even had to persuade the maids to take a slice and enjoy as they were quite shy, but we insisted they just help themselves to all the food we had around, as I also ended up making enough pasta salad to feed an army.

Ishita didn’t completely grasped the whole concept of a party, she was happy to have all her friends at home, but when it came to the fun games she was content to just hop and dance while the other played, we played “Pass the hat” which is a modified version of pass the parcel, and DH ended up being the one playing in her place.
We then played “mime” the word with the older kids waiting for one or two late guests, and then the big ticket game “Go Fishing” which I planned over several days, first floding about 20 origami paper fishes, then making small wrap of gummy candies to attach to each fishes, then equip each fish with a wire loop, to finally fill a big laundry basket with tissue paper and hide the fish in it for the kids to fish out with a fishing pole fashioned out of a hook, ribbon and a chopstick, this is the game everybody wanted to play endlessly.
Simon Says was another very popular one, and then we rounded up everybody for cake time, Ishi liked seeing her Dora cake saying “Choo choo” as it is how she calls her in reference to her favourite episode featuring a train. But when the moment to cut it and feed her the first piece she was screaming and ran away in tears refusing to take a bite, but happy to steal pastas off the plates of her guests.

We then did one last game one of the girls told me about called “paper dance” which consist of pairs dancing on a newspaper sheet that need to be folded in half each time the music stops, the last pair standing wins, this ended up being an hilarious game, with some of the pairs not moving much more than their head, and our champion pair hopping and dancing on their paper until the last fold.
A final group picture, and the girls all being happy getting a bubble bottle in their party favour bag and they were off, leaving us with too much cake left, and a lot of paper plates and cups to clear.
In true Indian way presents were opened after everybody left, mostly by DH as Ishi started being tired and just chose to cling to a musical toy and a Dora Back Pack before just crashing into bed.
The bit she had the most difficulty grasping was that while presents were handed to her at the beginning of the party they had to be set aside wrapped and pretty until the end.

All in all a fun party that of course even included a custom cake icing fight, with Ishi’s best friend and DH being the most caked of all and me escaping the mess with the excuse of being the one holding the camera.


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