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PMS the return

9:51 PM

I already wrote during a bout of PMS and that gave this. if you have seen the movie Miss Congeniality 2 you might vaguely remember Sandra Bullock’s character faking cramp and explaining that for her PMS stands of “Pants May Shred”. Well for me it stands more for Potential Murder Suspect or Planet Makes me Sick.
During that time of the month the incredible Hulk has nothing on me, the slightest thing can irritate me and an overload of irritation can have me scream shout and show big sign of anger. I’m usually good at attempting to control it in public though, having still a compassionate core, but battling cyclical cloud of chronic irrational intolerance is though, PMS gets worse when I’m stressed out, overworked, and alone like it is the case now with DH on his new job in Mumbai.

PMS is something men in general do not get, and that some people regardless of the gender call a myth, a fake disorder and a lame excuse to be bitchy…Sigh! Better not bring these people to tell me that to my face right now…consider yourself warned.
For the past 2 days I’ve been rabid, and yesterday night I actually wondered what suddenly got into me as I was really all worked up and aggressive, that was right before I took my daily contraceptive pill and noticed that I was 3 pill short of an empty pack meaning that time of the month is right around the corner and yup always preceded by almost a week of psychotic rage and  urge to live on all junk food and no veggies diet (urge I curb compromising on a mix of health and crap).
PMS has me irritated, by just about everything, think of every small tiny insignificant details in your life that can go wrong, and how in normal circumstances are no big deal, throw in the hormones and BAM! You end up with a nasty combo of screaming, punching, and throwing stuff. laptop without battery…grrrrrr, knots in the laptop’s power cord…GRRRRRR, tea bag box under a pile of stuff in the cupboard and clutter avalanche when you try to get the tea bags….arrrgh, daughter wining for you to read her mind asap on what she wants but don’t want to express….ARRRRRGH, dog shreding a plastic bottle to bits…#%$#%!, stupid moronic call center cabs honking at 3 am in the parking of the office building to get out of the gate faster…BLOODY HELL GET ME INTO SNIPER SCHOOL NOW!
You get the picture right? Well apparently some don’t, I wrote about the dumb lady in my building a while back, and her stupidity is getting worst by the day, and down right infuriating when I’m PMSing. I’m usually good and warn people I’m in a bad mood (without saying it is that time of the month), normal people are fine, and don’t question but yesterday this one was like “Why what happened” to which I replied flat toned and with some warning intonation “Nothing” to which she pushes asking “not feeling well?” me to say “Yeah” and give a meaningful stare signalling that for the safety of all this conversation should stop RIGHT NOW. Dumbass not detered ask “What happened?” me to snap and reply “Hell we all have the right to be in a bad mood or what?” her to say “Why” and me to start fuming, then taking a big breath and count to 10 not to implement my deepest thoughts of the second and then reply “Stop asking!” And walk away, with her following too close for comfort and start asking the usual Ishita related question she keep asking (as describe in the post dedicated to her), me to really really really really start battling with murderous thought giving her the shortest most rude and brief answers hoping she will for once in her life get the hint that she actually not only bores me but is starting to ignite me. Yes my daughter is still 2 years old, yes she still wakes up at 6, yes she still hates carrots, yes she like playing with my dog, no she isn’t going to school, no I haven’t looked into a school and applied yet, yes she still goes to bed at 8 pm, she still likes eggs, and watch Dora the Explorer and YES she likes Dora otherwise she would not be watching it, and no she is not tired right this second at 5pm even though she just rubbed her eye, and please don’t ask where I went when I have a supermarket bag right in my hand, and then when I state the obvious  to then ask “Did you find something?” (as if they give you free bags loaded with stuff you don’t need to carry home). there said it, idiotic repetitive questions NOT welcome during that time of the month!

I read in several places Doctors claiming that the contraceptive pill cure all the occurrence of PMS, I might be an exception and frankly don’t really care if that is so or they are all wrong to begin with. What I found however is that B vitamins supplements, dark chocolate and Earl Grey tea seem to make it a bit more bearable, provided one doesn’t deliberately push my buttons constantly. If I had my way I would go on a 4-5 days retreat  like an every month, live on chocolate and vent my frustration to the wind, throwing a  few stones and breaking a few dead branches to come back looking like a human being as soon as the crisis is over.
But this is a dream of luxury, so instead I write away…that blog is not meant to be deep, intellectual or on topic, it is purely therapeutic!



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