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So the date of our shifting to Mumbai has been set around August 10th but need to be confirmed, We are shifting into a 2BHK which I estimate has a carpet area of around 1000sq ft. DH has been sending me the picture via his blackberry and that was the nicest of all.
The issue is that we have a lot of space waster items that need to be sorted out. As mentioned in a previous post, the computer desk has to go as we no longer use our desktop and won’t have the luxury of having a 3rd room to turn into a study, that one is the one that worries me the least, it is easily sellable. Then there are the 3 tons of DH’s old MBA college books, xeroxed books, novel he never read, and SAP xeroxed books. He is fine letting the novel and college books go, but think he should keep his SAP books, even though he is no longer working with SAP. I suggested that maybe we could ship the books he really wants to keep (and hasn’t read in in years) to his parent’s in Lucknow, but that the whole bunch of old stuff will have to go.
I’ve been looking on Google on how to donate books in Bangalore, to learn no one is really interested in taking MBA books, or fiction novels, most NGO want elementary text books, and children fiction books. Half of the second hand bookstores in town have no website, the other half doesn’t mention anything about taking in donations of buying used books which really leaves me freaking out, as DH will not come back to Bangalore until the last minute before the packers and movers come, so I can’t expect much help from him, at this point I just want the books that crowd an entire wardrobe in our study gone, and toying with the idea of just throwing them out.
We also have baby gear, that thing takes loads of precious space, and we don’t want to sell them yet as the question of having a second child still hang in the air, quality baby gear cost a fortune in India so using it with two kids just makes enough sense, but boy does a high chair, jumperoo, infant car seat, and stroller take space. Ishita’s crib his now converted into a toddler bed, and the crib railing can at least fit under our bed if needed, but all the other items…not so much!
And last but not least, we have tons of winter clothes, including thick puffy jackets that DH forgot to leave at my mom’s place before leaving Switzerland in 2008 and that we used only once in 2009 when we were in Manali. that along with the sweaters we use in the winter in Bangalore, all use a solid wardrobe between me and DH. The simplest solution would be vacuum storage bag, the kind you generally find in household fair in Switzerland or on TV shopping, they work wonder at shrinking bulky loads of sweaters, guest pillows and blanket in the west…but after nearly an hour of searching online, I haven’t found an easy, fast and cheap way to get them in India. One Ebay seller ships them from US in 15 days and would set us a cool 3000 rupees for an unknown size as there is very little specification, and a “one deal a day” type of website based in India offered some for 200 rupees last Saturday with no info as of when the deal will ever become available again.
One of my home solution books say one can replicate the vacuum seal bag using a thck heavy duty garbage bag and duct tape, which would be oh so doable if garbage bags in the market were no so rubbish. And I’m not chewing my words on that one, most garbage bags I bough in stores are black but upon close inspection are so thin that they are see through, and they break should you have anything remotely close to an empty juice carton in the bag (not to mention they reek of cheap recycled rubber).
I’m going to go hunting for some sturdy plastic bags in the next couple of days, we really need to shrink our winter stuff to dump them at the bottom of the wardrobes in the new flat, which DH vaguely remember were smaller than the one we have here.

The irony is that 1000 square feet of living quarter isn’t exactly small by Swiss standard, but as even DH noticed, the layout and storage solutions in Indian apartment is not planned at all. In Switzerland most buildings have basement storage cells each with an individual key so that people can store their little used items there. In India, you need to find space for these in the flat itself, so much so that your Christmas tree, Diwali lights, empty suitcases, guest bedding, old baby stuff, and all other stuff, need to be inventively stored where you should normally store your regular clothes, linen, dishware and valuables. And surprisingly very little storage solutions such as collapsible cardboard boxes, large square plastic see through boxes or vacuum bags to help you take the challenge and tackle it with efficiency…sigh!


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