You know you are having a toddler in the house when…

12:45 PM

- Every single wall in your home is decorated with scribbles leaving you with the feeling of living in an Avant-garde contemporary art gallery.

- You bless the guy who came up with washable crayons so that you won’t have to explain the art gallery to your landlord.

- You curse whoever used cheap paint to do the walls as it goes off along with the washable crayon scribbles.

- Your kid’s room looks like a disaster zone most of the time, and your long hours of cleaning and straightening it come undone in 5 second flat!

- When you can tell what your child means when she says “whaaaaaaa” and how much it differes from when she needs “whaaahaaa”

- Words such as “yon”. “shoo shoo”, “ty” or “loo” are new French words you never knew could exist. And for the record they stand for “Avion”, “chaussure”, “tiens” and “lune” which respectively mean plane, shoes, here hold it and moon.

- Disney Animated movies have no secrets for you, with even a few you end up knowing by heart, such as monster Inc and Tangled in my case.

- Your sweet little girl has developed a Dora tracking sense or “Doradar”. She will notice every single items with Dora on it be it book, hair clip, play dough, DVD, tiffin box or t-shirt and point at it.

- You start thinking they should find a way to print Dora’s face on vegetables so your daughter would just start eating them!

- Setting a craft project demands 15 minutes of your time, protecting the surface, getting the glue, the paper and the paint ready and your tot will just loose interest in 5 minutes of doing it.

- There are a lot of things to be done with toilet paper you wish you never knew about.

- You have a to-do list as long as your arm in the morning and it is still there untouched by the end of the day because toddler emergencies replaced your scheduled chores.

- You turn the house upside down to find the nail cutter in vain, buy a new one to spare you the aggravation of going insane, and your little angel will come and hand you the one you were originally looking for 3 days later!

- You have a couple of half written blog draft, 2 half paintings, and a few unfinished craft projects all around your home.

- You give a very dirty oriental rug for cleaning, bring it back home, lay it back into place, admire the fact it looks as good as new, and 5 minutes later your kiddo find a way to spill juice or tomato sauce on it!

- Items in your home follow an odd migration pattern with building blocks finding their way in the pots and pans drawer, and spoons in your potted plants.

-You spend 3 weeks wondering where a certain sippy cup disappeared, leave it for lost, and end up finding it in an old purse you never use at the bottom of your wardrobe.

- Old newspaper, washing machine and laundry batch should never be used in the same sentence, especially when we are talking about a batch of dark clothes which have been washed in a washing machine stuffed with old paper…

- A cute smile and a giggle makes you forget that you were contemplating a stiff drink in the first place and a hug melts your heart. 

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