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Daily life, PMS, Rain and Settling down

3:26 PM

I am at loss for a better title, or even an intellectual post, it’s that time of the month again, and the mutant rabid monster took over my nice girl frame. Mood swing, crappiness, the same old same old.
My mood didn’t get any help from the weather, as we’ve spent the entire weekend under a non-stop rain, that dragged into Monday as well, everything became damp, musty soggy and the concrete jungle visible from my windows felt that much more claustrophobic than usual. The feeling of being caged in kicked in as well.
So much so that today with some sun episodes and no rain felt like a beacon to just GET OUT, we live not to far from a nice commercial area, so dead set on not mopping about inside and spending another day feeding the hormones with some acerbic rants about my condition, life, the weather, the air, the noise and the universe, I got into my favourite pair of shorts, and off I went.
There is nothing like a good bookstore to make me feel better, and luckily my lit cravings can be satisfied without travelling too far, so there we went. Ishita is pretty much at home in these stores too (can you tell we shop for books a lot). Her Doradar kicked immediately and she got dead set on a Dora drawing kit, impossible to divert her to anything more age appropriate, and funny enough got attracted silly by a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD as well, refusing to let go of it and running straight to the check out counter to dump it the like saying “Too late mom, we are taking it”. Not that I have anything wrong against it, as I’d rather have her watch DVDs than be submitted to these ridiculous commercial breaks on any of the cartoon channels. Then we walked around a little as not only the weather was nice but the area is great (I’ll have to write about it once), we then ended up going to a coffee shop for a snack, and then to a stationary shop to get an Artist’s canvas so I could start a new painting.
It wasn’t exactly a long outing but this was enough to just get a breath of air, a change of scenery and boost my mood a little (though of course the chocolate pastry at the coffee shop might have contributed to that too).
Another good sign, is that my wanting to wander out of the home and not sleep away the day actually means I have reached the last phase of the relocation drama recovery: exploring the new territory in order to settle down emotionally (and I’ll really have to write about where we live one day…there is some history there).
All in all, things are looking up for now, the caged in feeling is kept at bay, now all I need is some time to get creative, on canvas and on keyboard…or notepad since I made peace with my little black book already.  


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